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:iconrikoristorm:RikoriStorm posted a status
I decided to share some names with you guys :)
These are names of characters in my series Tomamon
These are just some concept names lots of them don't even have characters to them yet lol
. Fineti ( Fin-eh-tea )
. Von
. Cress
. Lancent ( lance-ent )
. Glacshina (galac-shin-a)
. Kiessla (keys-la)
. Tsunaki ( suna-key)
. Crono (crow-no)
. Eket (ehk-et)
. Lens
. Firena (fie-ren-a)
. Lement ( lem-ent)
. Kiza (kia-za)
I hoped yo liked them
Thanks for reading!

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