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Unnatural DiveDance may sound weird, but I see this thing as an underwater dancing jelly with a lot of movement in it.

I actually love the colors that much so I thought to just submit it, otherwise it would be dumped in some backdoor directory.

Expect more things like this one, this is just a starter :)



how are ya folks today manG?


*this one may look unfinished but I had so much issues with my ps that day ( errors all the time ) that I thought to just submit it as a 80% finished piece:)
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Super aRbEIT top
Hype42's avatar
nice, is there a bigger version?
Hmm I think so, dont know where I can find it tho, think its on one of my external hd's.
Hype42's avatar
oh i would like to use it as my desktop background ;) its a cool wallpaper
vinnoo's avatar
what is your software to made it????
vanessanichole's avatar
what software do you use?
you should make prints, you would get crazy rich xD

when i'm older i want to get a design on my guitar from you xD
A7llaman's avatar
nice colours ..
mateosimonovic's avatar
great effects... nice colors

love it!
lessthanhumanz's avatar
Cool! i like your effect its amazing
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just top like always !
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Volgens mij loop ik wel heel erg achter de feiten aan of niet -> +FAV! zZzZz7z7z7z7z... etc.
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wauw man die kleuren zijn zo fucking uniek, ik spees em te kankerhard op die 2 rechterbellen.
fucking vette licht effechten met die shapes man, damnn
haha jezus ik blijf maar lullen bij deze shit, deze art doet echt wat==
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an interesting way of doing bubbles, quite a cool piece! :thumbsup:
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awesome colors, nice work
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Great work ! I must admit I am not a big fan of point texture though (I think it would be really great without).
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Simply perfect in every way. Teach me! Haha. Question though, what program(s) do you use to make all these sweet pieces?
Photoshop cs2 only:D
ayertaka's avatar
Oh dang. Any tips/ideas for a struggling photoshoppist?
just try try try try try try till ya drop!
it really works :)
ayertaka's avatar
sweet. hopefully i can practice a little more often.
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