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"My best one in months"
(Rik Oostenbrook JUNE 2006)

Just trying to keep things original in this world.
Because that's what we need imo.
border is done for print, on my wall (:


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© 2006 - 2021 RIKOOSTENBROEK
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sinan's avatar
its great, really love the lines and colour
nossan's avatar
the lines really make this design kick ass imo ;)
biftekperiod's avatar
This is still one of my favorite pieces of all time.
The colors are spot on.

I'd fork money over for a print. ;)
EnfantDeRiviere's avatar
hpmad's avatar
i luv u 2 now hug me

Hehe, just kidding. This is very nice.
FoT's avatar
beatigul piece of arte
i am usually very apprehensive when i see photoshopped art.
but i think you use it an a very unique way. i love how the sky seems a different different dimension, like something we can't comprehend. this is like neo picasso.
monkey07's avatar
Great colors... just love it! :+fav:
CSISMAN's avatar
oCeyx's avatar
Omg, it jumped off the building!

...And it's floating.
nirmak's avatar
amazing one :clap:
truemarmalade's avatar
All those dotted lines makes it look like stiching, by a needle and thread.
Dreamaaa's avatar
Shigeoka's avatar
not sure about the solid dots

but everything else

is seksy.
ataribomb's avatar
awesome job! i wanted it printed and on my wall too! =P
underNeeth's avatar
wow now thats nice i like it a lot yet simple but i like it.
Adept-'s avatar
wow this is awesome! :)
verve-art's avatar
pretyy cool.. youve done better though. wouldve been better if more of the stock was showing
nah this one isnt to show my 'stockskills' just wanted to create something with shapes who are just by freehand and representing nothing, could form one image.
saltyshadow's avatar
daring and talented!;P
ekud's avatar
Fresh, but needs more.
GuiDamas's avatar
Rich art, concept of a genius.
Fenixgfx's avatar
It's a little messy in the middle but im really liking the flow around the outside. Nice colours you've used also; <3
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