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Ili is my sisters name.
I know these colours are old and unoriginal, used them in a bunch of pieces in the past.

But I have a reason to come back with this one.
My sister wanted a print from me, I couldnt decide between all the printable pieces I've done yet.
So I started to create something special for her, with the colours she loved.
This is the final result, inspired by a lot oldies by myself.

Dont come up with feedback like : looks a lot like other ones etc etc etc.

Afterall she was totally amazed by the print, just like my parents btw.
So my mission was completed.



Done with photoshop & illustrator.
The print looks load sexier then this online version btw.
Done @ 300dpi
A3 sized
Printed @ A2 format


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Just amazing...:)
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Congrats,this work has been featured here:clap:[link]
nice work
i used without permission

:stupidme: :frustrated: to make a minimal party flyer.
thanks a lot, ill send you the poster soon
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this is really nice! looks awesome really like it!
alexandra-t's avatar
Looks amazing!! Love your work
dnlstk's avatar
love the colors!
ReSiC's avatar
damn that looks really nice!
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Hey i would just let you know that i have featured this very great picture in my latest blog! :heart:
m-r-p's avatar
Haha, I only clicked on this piece cuz I thought the colours looked cool, then you say they're old and unoriginal.. maybe, still they work and the piece looks good.
Screamotizer's avatar
i love it ... +fav :D
XxMurderdollxX's avatar
hey man just thought i'd let you know this piece has been "used" on

i've already reported it, but whatever's you do is up to you, just letting you know... good luck and sorry
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Beautiful work that you made here!
I don't find that the color's are old-fashioned. Actually, I like them a lot!
Moreover, I like the fact that this work is in first place a gift that you made, not only to your sister but to everyone looking at it! =)

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wow that print looks amazing.
but then again this stye of work always looks amazing once printed.
good work.
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That's beautiful!
Telpelindewen's avatar
gotta love the illustrator warp tool
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