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I had a weird dream last night

True story.......

"I just wanted to show people that dreaming aint that worse ( look at the dC pack with all those dark pieces about death sadness etc ) that's the reason why I tried to explain a funny dream I had ( I never have bad dreams in my whole life ) so with these shapes and stocks I tried to explain, specially to the world, that dreaming aint that worse. The shapes and stocks are based on a dream I had, about pelicans who were following me while I was walking trough the nature with a friend of mine, but we couldnt escape from them, that's why I've duplicated them several times on several places."


Run the the series of untitled dreams, because depthCORE™ pwns the world



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love the colours used :D
amazing work!!
Strangeroo911's avatar
....your style and way of thinking is something I admire. Love your artwork!
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me ttooo!!
awesome work!
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I would like to notify you that your image has been approved for use in my contest (you may already be aware of this). My contest consists of literature entries written for visual artwork on dA. This image has been chosen as an object of inspiration.

I have now been told that some people may not appreciate their artwork being linked to writing for entries in my contest. Because of this, I am notifying all I have approved thus far, and will be asking permission to approve images from now on. Let me know if you would like to withdraw. I apologize for not asking permission before, it just never occurred to me there would be a problem. If you would not like to be linked to a piece of literature written for your image, notify me and I will rectify the matter as soon as possible.

Official information about my contest can be found here: [link]
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you're my rolemodel...seriously
dainwindchester's avatar
thats sooo awesome!
UsedBandaid's avatar
yeh, that's a great depiction of what my head feels like after a bad dream ;)
waw very nice and wanderful work
aynrina's avatar
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaw esome!
starryeyes23's avatar
this is awesome. its exactly what i hope to be able to create one day on my own. love the style and the story made me laugh. great job!
Anime-Chibi-Fan's avatar
I usually have weird dreams.. :))
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Ziet er gaaf uit man!!!!
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Very awesome stuff
Sounds like you had a nightmere! Interesting depictions though. Especially the evil pelicans.
nice nice nice
also great quality
2479's avatar
truely awesome
ZaCkArrY's avatar
hah its funny ^^
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hey, this is on stumble...
i mean i was stumbling and came onto this.
this is awesome!
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