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Hey everyone!
It feels like forever since I have checked in :o

How is everyone doing?
I've had a lot going on, but it's been really great and very productive!

I've been going through my things and have decided to sell some cosplays I'm not using as well as bring my LonLon Milk candles back out for sale! Take a look if you'd like :3

So far this is what I have:

Zelda Inspired Lon Lon Milk Candles:
Order your Milk Bottle Today! by RikkuGrape

***… ***

~Thanks so much to everyone who shared my links!~
I was able to sell the cosplays I had listed, which is super exciting! I'm happy to know they will be going to a good home!

In the meantime, I will still be selling my Lon Lon Milk candles, and hopefully over the next few months I will list some other cosplays, and costumes that I have as well :)

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Your journal skin is sooo cute. *_*