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MonaVie Business Card

This is a business card I designed for an independent distributor of MonaVie, who manufactures this juice that's a combination of all these different fruits, and it's really healthy for you.

I kept with the company's apple green, white, and black color scheme.

Check out the company: [link]

Note: I occassionally get requests from MonaVie distributors who are interested in using the design themselves. This is totally okay and I'm happy to offer this design through my company! But what happens is when I mention the cost of using the design, I don't hear back from them.

Please understand, if you want to use this design and have your info put on it, it's not gonna be like $15 to do so, it's $50... that includes adding and formatting your information, but most of all it includes the license to use the design in the first place. There are tons of printing options that we can help you out with too, and there's something for every budget. I don't want to discourage anyone from requesting it, but at the risk of sounding rude, please don't contact me if you're not willing to pay the fee for our time.

The MonaVie logo and packaging design are copyrighted by MonaVie.
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wooow greate one !!

i add to my website to inspirations
and link to you !!
My wife and I are in business with MonaVie and looking for business cards... how can we get in contact with you regarding getting this card template?
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The splash looks fantastic around the base of the bottle, how did you do it? The whole card looks incredible! Ace work!
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Thanks a lot. The splash is a stock photo from iStock. The photo already had a black background, so it was just a matter of manipulating the bottle in Photoshop using various image masks and transparency.
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You did an absolutely wonderful job :) Props to you, and best wishes for your future!
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I like your card who made it for you?
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I designed this card for a client who is a MonaVie independent distributor.
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Nice Job, Are you in the promotions or printing business.
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Mostly design for promotional purposes (advertising, marketing and the like). We also take care of the printing for our clients as well, though we don't print it personally.
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I do consulting for business and one of my clients has a promotional company here, I thought your design was great! Looks like you have good ideas. I wish you much success. Have a great day!

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well thank you - same to you :)
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