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A group dedicated to the hyperactive, jovial, cute and sexy, Al Bhed of FFX/X-2. While her appearance in the gaming world may not be as frequent as it was before, one cannot forget Rikku and all her glory! So here comes fanarts, fanfiction, and all other galore of Rikku!

Rules are simple: HAVE FUN and submit to proper folder! This is NOT a hating group so let's just keep that negativity out of here, okay?
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Victory Fanfare!

:bulletred: Rikku! My all-time favorite Final Fantasy gal from FFX-FFX2! This is her story!

:bulletred: While this is a group based on Rikku, it will also feature some of the other Final Fantasy gals.

:bulletred: There will also be some highlights on particular favorite FF gals of mine who aren't in the 'category' of Rikku in terms of 'role' and personality.

:bulletred: But beyond that, Rikku will get all the love with a few folders dedicated to her!

:bulletred: Fanart from across DA and Spira will grace us with their lovely depiction of this Spunky Al Bhed!

:bulletred: All her dresspheres will have some spotlight with a folder dedicated to all her crazy, unorthodox, and sexy choices of magical clothing!

:bulletred: Fanfiction are also welcome! Anything that includes Rikku is more than welcome!

:bulletred: Of course Rikku's friends, allies, and 'lovers' are also welcome in their specific folders!

:bulletred: With the idea of 'allies' we are also including the Summons... or Aeons (Guardian Forces, Summons, Astrals, Espers, ETC).

:bulletred: And we also bring honor to the antagonists, the fiends, the villains, and all the meanies that Rikku and friends had encountered in their pilgrimages! JUST HAVE TO!

:bulletred: All FF related fanfics are also welcome! The more they feature Rikku, the better!

:bulletred: And what would one of my groups be without a little Distress? #DiDressphere and all other Rikku related mishaps will be added to this gallery! Travile within said folder on your own accord~ Get's pretty kinky in there!

:bulletred: Favorites sections also include some more Rikku related fanart! Those that don't get approved in her main galleries will have a place in the :+fav: section!

:bulletred: Male Protagonists of Final Fantasy do get a folder in the favorites section as well as other female FFs. I also dedicated some of the folders to other Video Game related gals! Cause you know, gotta love other female characters from the multiverse of video games!


Rikku the Siren by Medusa-the-Eternal Rikku the Siren :iconmedusa-the-eternal:Medusa-the-Eternal 335 48 Psychic Dressphere - Finished by DarkLacuna Psychic Dressphere - Finished :icondarklacuna:DarkLacuna 119 20 pretty dirty rikku by raptorsr pretty dirty rikku :iconraptorsr:raptorsr 35 22 ffx-2 rikku - complete? by aranamitidal ffx-2 rikku - complete? :iconaranamitidal:aranamitidal 9 10 + Cosmic Dressphere: Rikku + by hiyoko-chan + Cosmic Dressphere: Rikku + :iconhiyoko-chan:hiyoko-chan 72 27
Mature content
The Adventures of Rikku and the Intervention :iconfourpieces:FourPieces 38 28
Cute Chicks by Huue Cute Chicks :iconhuue:Huue 485 39 Final Fantasy Girls by randymonki Final Fantasy Girls :iconrandymonki:randymonki 249 35 TidusRikkuAuron by Sayurii-Miya TidusRikkuAuron :iconsayurii-miya:Sayurii-Miya 148 23 Rikku New Dress Spheres by Shinou Rikku New Dress Spheres :iconshinou:Shinou 573 43 Rikku smiling by RyuMakkuro Rikku smiling :iconryumakkuro:RyuMakkuro 83 6 Showtime Girls by RyuMakkuro Showtime Girls :iconryumakkuro:RyuMakkuro 26 2 YRP: It's Showtime, Girls by funkyalien YRP: It's Showtime, Girls :iconfunkyalien:funkyalien 154 60 Rikku - Dressphere Contest by Rietalienko Rikku - Dressphere Contest :iconrietalienko:Rietalienko 35 11 Rikku Final Fantasy Fan Art by enchantedgal Rikku Final Fantasy Fan Art :iconenchantedgal:enchantedgal 38 7 Pek Sayhea! by StellaB Pek Sayhea! :iconstellab:StellaB 422 63







Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

Update 11/8/19 NEW DiD POLL: 



My Commission-Morgan Le Fay vs Spider Woman 3 by gh0st-of-Ronin
Wonderful Commission is done by Skelebomb 

I haven't done one of these in AGES. Like, freaking ages. 

So what is "this" I am speaking of? Well, I used to do shout outs to a few/handful of Deviants that I know/have come across. Well after some time of not doing these, I figured it's time for me to come back to it. These people in my shout outs are a mixture of writers, artists, and/or Devs who just have contributed for the better of the community; the #DiD community, that is. So, without further adieu, here we ago. 


:iconfourpieces: -Fours, or as I sometimes call him, 4-Piece, is a Deviant who came out of his shell and really made a name for himself. He is a writer and a commissioner, and truly, his contribution is something I feel is underrated within the community. He is my companion that truly walks the line of #Rikkuness, which is how we connected and decided to make a pact in tying the damsels that have yet to be tied lol. He is also supportive and adds a positive vibe in the community. He is definitely under-appreciated in a sea of Deviants full of overexposure and/or over-appreciated. I can't express just how much Fours needs some love. Also, he is responsible for kickstarting a certain artist with commissions that started with THIS artwork: My Commission: Rikku tying up Yuna; the rest after that is HISTORY. Check out his page; truly. Some of his stuff will strike gold. Some of the stuff he has put out/commissioned:

Mature Content

Mature Content

Commission: Emily by FourPieces

Mature Content

My Commission: DiDressphere Rikku and Sofia by FourPieces

:icondestroxxiv: - Destro has made a name for himself. Long has his boat sailed ever since he decided to come out of his shell. Since then, he has contributed with written work, commissions, and rendered art. He is active in the DiD community, constantly reaching out, and definitely someone who supports me in more ways than one. I consider him as one of my companions in the endeavor to tie up loose ends. He is (as I have stated) supportive, patient, and just has a good vibe overall. Truly, for those who are not aware of Destro's accomplishments, please visit his page. You won't regret it. 

Mature Content


Mature Content

Minute Maiden Trophy Case by DestroXXIV

Mature Content

Captured Superheroines By Root001 by DestroXXIV

:iconugiel: - Ugiel is definitely a writer that doesn't strike my fancy all the time. He and I are on different sides of the sea with what we tend to look for but that doesn't take anything away from his passion, his talent, and his contribution. He has a fancy way of mixing DiD/OCs and history, which is something I don't see as often. He is also under-appreciated I feel, and truly there is something in his gallery that is worth checking out. Also, Ugiel is a very dedicated companion in my B0UNDIARY group. Out of all the Admins I recruited, he has stayed true and consistently upholds the rules and communicates with me with issues that he either needs my consent and/or needs a second eye. Truly, this Deviant is worthy of attention. Please, check out his page.

Mature Content

Mature Content


Mature Content

:iconthelingeringshadow: -Shadow is definitely new in my radar, but truly he is worthy of a shout out. I have stumbled upon him through the myriad of #commissions he has put out and artists who deliver. Commissioning may not be seen as a 'grand' art on the commissioners' part. Commissioners don't get the gratitude that I feel they deserve and most of the time, people tend to forget that Commissioners have a huge part in making art possible. Well, people like Shadow put his hard-earned money making art happen, spent the time creating the commission through references/writing the commission, and of course, reaching out and communicating with an artist about the art. It's not exactly as quick as snapping fingers. I mean, would these wonderful artworks below would have been possible without Shadow? Watch out for this guy! And really, give him thanks for all the lovely commissions he is paying for that the DiD community is enjoying.

Mature Content

Lightning bound and gagged by Fang by mileshendon

Mature Content

Tight Situation by reptileye

Mature Content

(C) Tifa Tightly Tape-Tied (Haha T's) w/ variants by I-want-my-mummy

:iconaidenke: -On man, what's to say about this guy? Aidenke is a classic #Commissioner. Truly, he has been doing the commissioning the game FAR longer than I have and has accumulated a wonderful folder of amazing commissioned art. He has also worked with some talent and for those who ignore commissioners' contribution to the DiD community should definitely take a good look at their own favorites folder. Some of those pictures are probably there because Aidenke paid and/or influenced for it to be made (dare I mention Kitty and Lockheed and the continuing collaboration with SanePerson with this?). Not only that, but this Deviant is also responsible for some pretty saucy and well-written DiD_Fics of FFXII; a rare territory to have any kind of DiD related fanfiction. Something that even after all these years he is still able to continue and age has done nothing to take away the passion and the care for it. Truly, this deviant deserves my praise and so many others. Seriously!

Mature Content

Mature Content

Comm: Aidenke by Shio-bari

Mature Content

100 Series: Jobeth/Tara - Teacher's Pet pt 3 by SneakAttack1221
Accidentally Frisky by Ganassa

No, but seriously! Check out Aidenke's freaking Commission folders: Aidenke Commissions 1 and Aidenke Commissions 2; and I'm sure there are more out there. Truly, this guy is a genius with the commissioning game. Some of you might even be surprised that he has decorated your favorites section with this stuff!

:iconmileshendon: - Man if there is ANY artist that deserves my praise, Miles is one of them. I started working with him at the tail end of 2018 and I haven't stopped! This guy is just professional, consistently sends updates with your paid art, he makes corrections accordingly, and just a pleasure to work with. English is not his first language, but he has been one of the EASIEST and smoothest artists I have the pleasure of working with. I can't say enough, but seriously, if ANYONE is doubting about commissioning him, don't. Do it. You won't be disappointed. Just check out the stuff I have commissioned from him!

Mature Content

Kaitlin Star in trouble by mileshendon

Mature Content

Terra vs Shiva by mileshendon

Mature Content

Jessica Jones by mileshendon

:iconpyonsangsang: - Pyon is an artist I just recently started working with (within the last 2 months). An artist that FourPieces introduced me to! While I haven't worked with Pyon for too long, I will say that I humbly appreciate and adore the cuter and anime look that she adds to my commissioned folder. I definitely enjoy the art style; simplistic but still has that flare. Price is also quite affordable! Easy to give directions and will make corrections accordingly (within reason, obviously). PLEASE CHECK OUT Pyon's page! I will, for sure, work with Pyon a few more before the year ends!

Mature Content

My Commission: Diane Envy by gh0st-of-Ronin
Sypha Belnades | CM by PyonSangSang

Mature Content

Terra | CM by PyonSangSang

:iconstudiokatsumi: -Another artist I have started working with quite recently (and another artist I was introduced to by FourPieces). Another affordable Commissioner with a very recognizable art style. The awesome thing about Katsumi is that he draws anything to everything and I have certainly made use of his talent in the different genres of Damsels I have on my list. It's fun working with him and Katsumi has zero qualms arranging corrections and so forth; I also quite love his style and truly suggest to anyone to check out his gallery and give him chance with a commission!

Mature Content

My Commission: Selphie Tilmitt by gh0st-of-Ronin

Mature Content

My Commission: Oh Kaitlin by gh0st-of-Ronin

Mature Content

Iris Bound and Gagged by StudioKatsumi

:icongustorak: -This artist is definitely underrated. DestroXXIV just reminded me about this hidden gem that is also a big part of the DiD community. His style is a bit more on the traditional side, and that is something that the DiD community needs a bit more. In some of his posted work, it's almost uncanny how he can replicate some art style! He draws a wider range of characters and not just DiD also! My interactions with this Deviant has been nothing short of a pleasure and definitely a great part of the community! Go check out his page! seriously!

Mature Content

Invisible Woman Prisoner and sensory depravation by gustorak

Mature Content

Peril of Penelope Pitstop Modern WIP by gustorak

Mature Content

Catwoman tie up by Black Cat by gustorak

:iconkusujinn: -Seriously, this guy is a freaking legend. Need I talk about his awesome gallery stuff? I have only worked with him twice (hoping more) and both pieces are just amazing. Professional and communicates quite well.... Kidetic is definitely one of the best in this business. Seriously, I can't say anymore. I adore this artist! If you ever get the chance to commission him, do it

Mature Content

Summertime by Kusujinn

Mature Content

Elsa restrained by Kusujinn

Mature Content

Tifa Tormented - Stockings Variant by Kusujinn


Honorable Mentions

Lady-Distracto -I ran into Lady with her Spider-Woman DiD_Fic (A Spider in a Web: Grimm Result; Go check it out), after that, I discovered a pretty talented Deviant. She's also really fun to talk to and very intriguing to debate with/against our fandom opinions. Can't say that with DeviantArt or just the internet in general :D 

iorel-renders -A renderer with an understanding of the game beyond what I have seen. Also a part of the DiD community that continues to give and share. Check out his gallery, definitely got some good stuff to poke at the DiD community. 

Rob66 -This man is a legend in his own right. Interviews some popular Devs and pokes at their mindset to further give some insight to the Deviants in question. Truly someone that continues to contribute and help carve a path in the DiD world. 

Lathiira -I always appreciate a Deviant who spends the time to comment and give positive thoughts. It's easy to :+fav: and not comment, this guy, from my knowledge, has put his thoughts into a LOT of what I have posted. I appreciate this guy and he is also a contributor in the DiD community. 

Christiekins -I put this gal in my honorable mentions because I absolutely adore her writing style. You won't find it in her gallery :P But she does have some awesome commissions in her gallery that are valuable within the DiD community. 


Well, that's about it. I'm sure there are a ton other Deviants that I missed, but these are the guys and gals that truly stuck out to me. Positive peeps that add something in the community. The world, the internet, as it is, has a ton of negativity as it is so these people adding some positivity along with their craft... it's people that are WORTH mentioning and FOR EVERYONE to know. And mind you, this is just the "DiD Community", which doesn't mean these guys/gals are just exclusively doing contributors, but ya know.

:iconb0undiary: :iconrikku-ness: :iconx-frozen-x:

I'm out!
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