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steam sales made this happen, great game, wish i would have played it earlier

little bit more detailed than I normally do, but I wanted to get across that hes been beat up and his construction was not perfect
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Cool piece! I like how the lines for the Little Sister are smoother, while the Big Daddy lines feel jagged and dented.
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haha, I don't know why but I'm getting a Disney vibe. Can you imagine if Disney made a Bioshock movie?..... o_O

At any rate, nice job :)
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Nice piece! Congrates!
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This one almost made me cry! The look on the Little Sister's face! Truly awesome.
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Wow...fantastic lines!
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AWwwwwww. :heart: I love that.
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Seems to be very Bioshock-esque. Top-notch
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omg thats soooo cute ^-^
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Showing a gentler side of Rapture.
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Brilliant game and you've definitely captured the look you were aiming for. The little sister is pretty cute too. :D
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Your style is perfect for this! Love it!
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i love the style.
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I love your lines, so energetic, fantastic!
I played Bioshock really late as well, better late than never!
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Theres another one coming with rapture high in the sky. Not sure when its out
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great work, love
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How do you use your brush to get such fine lines? Do you do construction underneath as a rough layer?

Love your stuff. It's great. I like the art because it speaks to my emotional side, not just to my standards of technical or artistic stuff. You draw ideas.
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This is how it happens sometimes(there are times I skip everything and can do it right off the bat). I do a tiny pencil doodle, scan that in, enlarge, do a rough sketch over it, then my third time through is where I do the final lines, if you can even call them final, they still look rough. I've come to find out, I'm not a finisher, or polisher, don't have the patience, so I just try to make it look alive as much as I can.

Thats why I love my paper work better, cause it looks energetic and animated, but for some reason I end up ruining that by trying to "finish" it.

Sorry for the long reply! XD
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