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I have just downloaded a recompleted pack of vocaloid shimeji.. (Gakupo, Gakupo alt ver, IA, Kaito, Len, Luka, Luka alt ver, Meiko, Miki, Miku, Miku sketch, Miku alt ver, Miku alt ver 2, Mikuo, Oliver, Rin, Rin x Len pantsu ver, SeeU.)
Download link is here: www.mediafire.com/download/qf7…
Download and have fun with them ^^ 
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aannwwww its so cute
Thanks !!!
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Do you know if there's one of MAYU? 
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Thanks you so much!!!!
I love them~
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Speaking of Kagerou Days, I have a Kano, Konoha, and Kido shimeji on my screen right now XD
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dl'd thank you so much for sharing 
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Doesn't work :l. All that pops up is some Java 6 thing and when I DO download it, it STILL doesn't work T.T. 
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Download the English translated version of Shimeji. Next, copy the "img" folder from the broken Shimeji to the English translated version and attempt to run it. Repeat for all of the Shimejis you want to run. That's how I did it, at least.
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um, uh
so the problem might be that you have to extract one of the files? 
Either the shimiji file or so.

You first want to download this shimeji thing that allows you to have shimeji's in the first place
Shimeji-ee 1.0.6 Download And Instructions
then after that's downloaded, right click it and see if you can "extract files"

After they're extracted, you have to download the Java 6 fully, which i assume you did, so
you should be able to download any shimeji afterwards ^^ If not the shimeji file is donked
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All of the shimeji's i use say that...can't find any fixes anywhere.
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Kagerou Daze is awesome :3
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I can't open a lot of them TTATT
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they are very cute sasdsadsaddsasasasd x3
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UUUUUAGH I don't know how to use this :(
They look so cool though
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is this safe? like no virus?
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I downloaded it and there's no viruses
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What do they look like? Like what's the art style?
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Vocaloid isn't an anime...
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i know that i wasn't to see if someone would get it XD
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I uh... Don't know how to download this.
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Click on "Download (45.86 MB)" on "Download link is here"
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