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One of those foobar Metro 1.9.2

By Rikitiki11
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-----Based on ~fanco86 design-----
-----WSH CoverFlow v1.4 created by ~Br3tt-----

//--------------------How to Install--------------------//
Copy or Drag & Drop [components, configuration, skins] folders from the 7zip file to your foobar2000 installation folder, merge the folder if ask, select Columns UI when you open it, Done.
Same but the [configuration] folder go in C:/Users/"username"/AppData/Roaming/foobar2000

-Over of album art cover --> Activate now playing

1.9.2 (02_08_2014)

1.9.1 (20_03_2014)
-Fixed Channel Spectrum not showing properly
-Fixed seek bar, heart and volume color

1.9.0 (06_03_2014)
-Changed a bit the way it looks
-Added ratting for your favorite song
-Clearer code
© 2013 - 2020 Rikitiki11
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thank you i love this skin

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Amazing job! Well done.

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I can't add any tracks to my favorites, is that a problem coming from my foobar version? Or should I activate it? I mean the ♥ button doesn't show at all. 
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Is there a way to change the selected line in lyrics?
The current one (blue) is a little dark for my taste.

Great skin, thank you.
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I hope this is still active, because I am in need of some assistance. 
I'm trying to sort out my directories. Right now, all of my music is in my Music folder, and I'm having a bit of trouble trying to filter the albums & songs. It seems to recognize what the albums are, but, in the playlist-navigation-bit it has dubbed all of my folders as albums, when some of them are artist discographies and stuff. I'm just wondering if there's a way to separate them automatically, or if I have to do it manually. Also, whenever I torrent some new songs, they go straight into my music folder, but I have to drag the folders into the Foobar window.  Thank you very much for reading, and I'm very sorry, because I probably explained that terribly. Here are some screenshots of the directories, in case: 


Thanks again!  
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LOVE IT.. made a few changes to the rating system to improve it slightly if you want.

preview: imgur.com/ZZ1M9d0

Here's how:

-added keyboard short cuts in shortcuts context menu in preferences:

press 1 updates to rating = 1
press 2 updates to rating = 2
press 3 updates to rating = 3
press 4 updates to rating = 4
press 5 updates to rating = 5

-in the rating script (right click on the playing track, click settings, script tab) replace the following string:
















In the field definitions tab, add the following fields:

Heart2: 255-122-156
Heart3: 255-191-0
Heart4: 61-255-207
Heart5: 0-64-255

Updated the heart favouriting function to scroll through 5 heart levels of ratings 1 to 5 to show the same colour as the rating. Replace the j script (right click configure on the heart) with this code:

var Path =  fb.FoobarPath+"skins\\Metro\\";
var BgImage = gdi.Image(Path + "heart_empty.png");
var HeartImage = gdi.Image(Path + "heart.png");
var HeartImage2 = gdi.Image(Path + "heart2.png");
var HeartImage3 = gdi.Image(Path + "heart3.png");
var HeartImage4 = gdi.Image(Path + "heart4.png");
var HeartImage5 = gdi.Image(Path + "heart5.png");

var Rating = fb.TitleFormat("%rating%").eval();

function UpdateRating(rate){
   fb.RunContextCommand("Rating/" + rate);
   var new_rate = fb.TitleFormat("%rating%").eval();
   if(new_rate == "?"){
       var meta = fb.GetNowPlaying();
   Rating = rate;

function ClearRating(){
   fb.RunContextCommand("Rating/<not set>");
   var meta = fb.GetNowPlaying();
   Rating = 0;

var g_bgcolor = window.GetColorCUI(-1);
function on_paint(gr){
   gr.FillSolidRect(0, 0, window.Width, window.Height, g_bgcolor);
   if(Rating == 5){
       gr.DrawImage(HeartImage, 0, 0, 15, 13, 0, 0, 15, 13 , 0);}
   if(Rating == 4){
   gr.DrawImage(HeartImage2, 0, 0, 15, 13, 0, 0, 15, 13 , 0);}
   if(Rating == 3){
   gr.DrawImage(HeartImage3, 0, 0, 15, 13, 0, 0, 15, 13 , 0);}
   if(Rating == 2){
   gr.DrawImage(HeartImage4, 0, 0, 15, 13, 0, 0, 15, 13 , 0);}
   if(Rating == 1){
   gr.DrawImage(HeartImage5, 0, 0, 15, 13, 0, 0, 15, 13 , 0);}
       gr.DrawImage(BgImage, 0, 0, 15, 13, 0, 0, 15, 13 , 0);

function on_mouse_lbtn_down(x, y) {
if(Rating == 5){ClearRating()}
  if(Rating == 4){UpdateRating(5)}
   if(Rating == 3){UpdateRating(4)}
   if(Rating == 2){UpdateRating(3)}
   if(Rating == 1){UpdateRating(2)}
   if(Rating == 0){UpdateRating(1)}
   else if(Rating == "?"){UpdateRating(5)}

function on_playback_new_track(info){
   Rating = fb.TitleFormat("%rating%").eval();

function on_metadb_changed(metadb, fromhook) {
   Rating = fb.TitleFormat("%rating%").eval();

function on_colors_changed() {

Finally add these png images of new hearts to the foobar2000\skins\metro folder

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Lengthy post - Recently I've been using it fine but suddenly something's not seeming right to me. When I adjust the horizontal size of the player, the width of the playlists box & switcher box also extends along with the width of the actual section that contains songs, but I feel like only the section with songs should get wider as my playlist names are small and static. I've tried looking into the splitter settings to see if I could adjust this for it to remain static or at least a reduced rate, but to no avail.  Do you have any advice on how I can modify this?

Additionally, if I wanted the heart lock on a song to be a different color, say blue, while still keeping it red on another song, how would I go about that? I understand the trigger for a song becoming red noted is that it's rated five stars, which is the function of pressing the heart button, so is it possible to set it up so clicking a blank heart sets it to 5/red, clicking a red heart sends it to 4/blue, into 3/yellow, 2/green and so on?

Your metro skin is a work of art and I've used it every day, but I really want to understand it so I can customize it for my own quirks and needs. Thank you for your hard work and I hope to receive a reply.
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Hi, I just made those changes myself to the heart ratings. See my comment above, let me know if you have problems
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Just made this account to let you know, this is the best theme I've ever used for any music player. Much obliged! 
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ey, idk if you're still around, but I had a question about something.

right now your skin is 99% perfect, I just have one gripe. When you hit the button on the top right to make it go into the mini-player, the window automatically shrinks pinned to the left corner.

I was wondering if it was possible to make it so it would pin to the right corner instead. does what I'm saying make any sense? I want it to become the small player but stuck to right position instead of the left position.
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Love it! thank you!
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Amazing skin - love the functionality. I noticed that the album sort presets were a little off (albums seemed to sort by Album Artist - Album Name rather than Album Artist - Album Date like they should), but the skin is great, exactly what I need from it. Nice search integration, too.
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How are your folders set up for your music? Because my issue is it only displays one directory when I set my media library. 
I have it set up as: FooBar>Artist>Album>Songs
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Just Drag and drop the folder containing songs in the playlist tab on the left, it'll scan and add the musics automatically.
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Freaking awesome skin,thanks for sharing!
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I got foobar just today. And saw a couple of guides on how to fix certain things, hours past by and i kept getting more and more frustrated. I checked in here and found this theme, and it far exceeded anything i had seen before. 
It's perfect. And im so happy. The thumbnail might throw off some people into clicking on this beauty. Just wanted to say thank you for setting this up. 
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Thanks for the wonderful skin! My favourate so far. What about 5-star rating system? Do you have plan to include it or how can I do it my self? By the way, ss it possible to enable viewing of back cover and cd artwork in addition to front cover? I know I am becoming too greedy...
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hi, just downloaded this skin. Still looks as new as it might have been when you uploaded it.

I'd like to ask your advise about WSH Mod Panel script, which may contain some errors. When i start the skin, there are 3 places on foobar that sort of scream 'create your script. click here to open'. i only konw it's suppoosed to be the WSH mod panel, once I click on it.

also the search bar doesnt seem to work. Any suggestions?
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Loving the skin, been using it for months, switched to a new laptop recently which has a Full HD Display and since then I am having a small annoying problem :/


The Album Name in the right bar on the top is cut, is there a way to fix this? I can't remember if I had this problem on my last laptop :/

Thanks in advance :)
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I had the same problem. If you right click on the playlist, go to Field definition, you can change the album_font to something smaller. For me, change it to 12 solved the problem.
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Ah yes that did the trick ^^ messed around with the values a bit until I got it right :)
Thank you very much kind sir. :)
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