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City On Night Tutorial [Paint Tool SAI]

This is the first time I made a tutorial.xD So I’m sorry if my grammar nor my English is not so good
first of all , lol I’m not ordering you to do the same as this one. You can explore more with your own creativity , make it much detail etc (srsly I’m such a lazy orz)
I’m not a background artist , so sorry if it’s not good enough. I made this one since so many people asked me about the previous artwork about city on night. of course there a lot who are much better at this, well even so , I hope this might help a little^^
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Of all the tutorial I've been trough, this was the most helpul. Thank you, I love you.

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exactly what i need,,thank you!
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wiiii thank you very much >A<)/ i was able to do as much as this ,,,thank youu

Night at the city by shiori887
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This tutorial saved my life this 2018
twocupsofbancha's avatar
Damn, your drawing made me jaw drop! Thanks for breaking down the process, it looks much less intimidating now!
HouTakoyaki's avatar
Ah!!!!!! It's so helpful
Thank you, I will try it
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Thank you :hug:  Without this tutorial, I never would of been able to draw this: 
What a view by Chichima
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this is really helpful tip, thank you!
SGTFOXTROT21's avatar
WOW Very good Tuto
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Thank you so much for this tutorial! <3
It was so so helpful~
Used it here:
Riki-to's avatar
thank you very much! im so glad it actually helps people :)
and actually i forgot to put the grid of perspective lol, that also should be important ^^
Ventu5's avatar
Thank you for this! Used it here!…
SpicePrincess's avatar
Thank you so much for making this! ;;u;;
Used your method here…
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You saved my life! Thank you so much for this tutorial <3
CosmicGalaxyStar's avatar
thank for the tutorial ;w;
FloodRushForever's avatar
THIS! THIS I WHAT IV BEEN SEARCHING FOR! thank you so much, my cities wont look so crap anymore xD 
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Thank you for the tutorial! This is very helpful. :D
FishMadeofJelly's avatar
amazing! thank you, this helps a lot
banerock's avatar
It really-really help me a lot for studying night city.
So I decide to practice, and here what I learned.…

Still need more practice too
But Thanks you so much :)

Keep drawing guys !!
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This really helped me, thank you so much! Even though I'm nowhere half as good as yours haha I'm really bad at backgrounds D:
I've always loved your work! <3
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omg amazing ill try it when im able to draw on the computer again :)
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Great tutorial, very helpful! Your background looks totally awesome :la: The only thing I would recommend is to follow perspective grid, there are some places where the perspective is a bit off and it spoils a little the impact. Sorry if I'm being a nitpicker, just seeing such details and can't help it ^^ Thanks for the tutorial! :heart:
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This is awesome!  Thanks for making it!  I'm drawing a cityscape and this is perfect for helping me!
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