Let's join the Chain Gallery Project ! (Update)

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Chain Gallery Project

I've joined the Chain Gallery Project from :iconglitterdarkstar:

What this is all about ? Just another way of sharing photos ! But more randomly in fact. ;)

So, what about we build a chain letter gallery?

I will feature the first ten friends who respond to this journal by selecting and featuring three images from their gallery. In return the featured person must select three images from the first ten friends who respond to their journal. I'll make an update when I reach ten answers so that anyone could see who was featured. ;)

This is really fun so let's start !


Chain Gallery Features !

- 1. -


Le Louvre by esquimogenerik     Panorama Pont du Garigliano by esquimogenerik     BNF at night by esquimogenerik

- 2. -


:thumb43571036:     Handprint by too-much4you     Seagull by too-much4you

- 3. -



- 4. -



- 5. -


Lights on by maromar     taking the shot by maromar     fish eye test by maromar

- 6. -



- 7. -


Drunk by TotoRino     Fixed-point theorem by TotoRino     Back to Cabanis by TotoRino

- 8. -


:thumb40307146:    :thumb41171969:    :thumb48541655:

- 9. -


INSULATION by 5t3F     No Dog by 5t3F     19.11.2005 by 5t3F

- 10. -


:thumb46801715:    :thumb46368075:    :thumb41462266:

Deviant-ARCADE Features

This project isn't a club or a community, its goal is to expose deserving artists with features. As a member of the project deviant-ARCADE launched by BrunoPantone, I'm always looking for undiscovered photographers to feature in my journal...
If you consider yourself as talented or if you know un-noticed deviants who deserved more credits, don't hesitate in noting me or in answering to this journal.

You can check those deviants'  journals if you want to view other features and share art :

  :iconglitterdarkstar:  :iconbrunopantone:  :iconeuristis:  :iconmanu-80:  
  :iconlondonxpress:  :iconchocolatenoir:  :iconsulejman:  :iconextravaganca:  
  :iconaimeelikestotakepics:  :iconhelewidis:  :iconritarocha:  :icontoo-much4you:  

You can also take a look at my previous 'deviant-ARCADE'  reports :

Author Reports</b>

deviant-ARCADE I :

:iconchristophe-niel:  :icondanslesboisavecholga:  :iconfabien-barrau:

deviant-ARCADE II :

:iconferocello:  :iconincisler:  :iconlonelywolf2:

deviant-ARCADE V :

:iconkali33:  :iconjefinski:  :icontotorino:

Photo Reports</b>

deviant-ARCADE III

deviant-ARCADE IV


- Admin -


We give you a word, you find a photo !


La communauté des deviants de région parisienne

- Member -

  :icondeviant-arcade:  :icon291:  :iconarchiffect:  :iconviami:  :iconinfrazoom:  
  :iconphotolust:  :iconpicture-maker:  :icondeviantlebanon:  :iconanimalslebanon:  

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KILLMILK's avatar
just beautifull!
rikausse's avatar
Thank you ! Glad you appreciate. :bow:
KILLMILK's avatar
youre welcome
lommo's avatar

Woah, absolutely sweet journal design and practical as well! Very professional.
rikausse's avatar
Thanks a lot mate ! :hug:
It was hard to get there but I'm really satisfied now. ;)
Ratafluke's avatar
Seen this thing before, didn't know that was a project, just thought it was sort of another tag thingie. Currently I'm featuring people who responded to my last journal. Just my own little "project", hadn't been tagged before, and didn't ask them to feature anyone in their own journals.
rikausse's avatar
well that's just another 'project' in order to spread photos or deviations. Too many people don't browse and search for wonderful pieces of art. They just fav and leave... :(
Ratafluke's avatar
It's a pity when they don't even comment to tell why they faved... I comment a lot, but I'm so busy commenting on my watchlist or replying that I don't even have time left to search for more art :XD:
rikausse's avatar
you should see my bookmarks, full of galleries ! :faint:
Ratafluke's avatar
Mine are full of forum thread to which I wanted to reply at some point =P
rikausse's avatar
dA forums are a real mess... ;)
Ratafluke's avatar
Actually I'm only active in thumbshare... Mainly threads asking for poetry to which I wanted to reply with my poetry account. Or games that I wanted to continue to play later....
mkorchia's avatar
cuirs & chaines, le rêve caché de rikausse :D
rikausse's avatar
argh je suis démasqué ! =D
mkorchia's avatar
tout le monde le sait!
euristis's avatar
C'est drôle comme les gens arrêtent de poster dès qu'il n'y a plus rien à gagner :-(
rikausse's avatar
tu as vu comme c'est hallucinant ! J'ai grimpé en pages vues donc je me doutes que certains sont passés sans laisser de messages.
Vraiment désolant même pas merci, cool ou même this is shitty ! :fork:
euristis's avatar
Et ça t'étonnes ... mouwaaa ... moi pas ! C'est malheureusement un fait courant : prendre ce qu'il y a à prendre et ne rien laisser en échange ...
rikausse's avatar
en fait ça ne m'étonne pas, ça me révolte... =D
Je déteste ce système de consommation...
euristis's avatar
Génération Kleenex :-(
maromar's avatar
thank u sooo much fr the featuring
loved all of the featured artists
thanks it was a great way to see new works :D :hug:
rikausse's avatar
You're welcome. :hug:
I saw you were on everyone's journal ! =D
maromar's avatar
yeah it was a big chain but i ll repay you :D
glitterdarkstar's avatar
wow what a fantastic selection!!!
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