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Chapter One - needs a title
Liam groaned as he rose from the cramped seat of his small air transport, really there had to be a better way to travel than to sit for hours with only the engine roar and a small pack of stale peanuts for company. But this mattered little because as soon as he collected his gear and found his guides he was to report to his new post as Ambassador Peacekeeper, or as he liked to call it "let's swap knights for a few months and see how it goes!" But he just needed to follow orders and hope the eye-candy in this kingdom---
"Hey! You ready yet?!"
Jerked out of his train of thought Liam whirled around to see a pair of knights looking at him expectantly. At least he thought they were knights. But they couldn't be could they? After all what kind of heathen kingdom allowed females to be knights?!
As the two approached him he just got more confused.
"Kimmy, I think he's deaf." Laughed the shorter of the two females, dressed mostly in leather-like armor and a bandana tying her cropped hair back.
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Don't Look Back
I loved you. I Love You. I LOVE YOU. iloveyou.
You've never really seen me.
years we spent together. i couldn't tell you. i didn't want to.
i was afraid.
Do you remember? You almost kissed me one night, in the dim light of my parents dining room. You'd been drinking and i said no. i didn't want my first kiss to be like that.
You have the bluest eyes i've ever seen.
i wish i had given you my first kiss. It should have been yours. i wanted it to be you.
You left soon after that, but came back a few days later.
My mother and i were in the living room drinking tea.
You told my mother about the girl you were seeing. Had been seeing for awhile. She was a cheerleader, outgoing and fun.
Everything i knew i wasn't
You looked me in the eyes as you talked to my mother.
i walked away.
:iconrikasha:Rikasha 1 16
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Serei's Journal: part two
Cordon DeLuccnh. Just one man, but one of many that I had to get used to. That night was the first time I saw him. The last time was in a back alley in a mostly Hund town where I'm certain he would have helped kill me if Kelt hadn't been there. But I digress, that part happens much later.
When I woke up it was day again, and I was alone in a strange room. The city sounds were louder here than they were at home, more intense I guess. And it smelled, it smelled like too many people that hadn't bathed in far too long. I could hear my brother outside the room talking to a woman who I would learn later was a city guard. My head ached and there was a bump on the back of my skull, I know this because when I touched that spot my eyes teared up and I yelped. The voices outside stopped and my brother came in to the room. After he hugged me(and accidentally knocked the bump on my head) he haltingly told me that our parents bodies had been found last night. They had been found outside one o
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Serei's Journal: part 1
It's late. Usually I would be sleeping at this hour, but for some reason tonight I can't sleep. "For some reason". wow I'm melodramatic. I know why I can't sleep, it just bothers me to admit, even to myself, that it still bothers me. Even in my own diary I can't be straight forward. 17 years ago tonight, my parents died.
There I've written it.
Why am I writing this? I know everything that's happened in my life, what's the point the point of rehashing it for myself?
I still can't sleep.
I'm watching my husband sleep. It's oddly comforting to watch a person who is normally so excitable, be so peaceful in his rest. I love him, more than I can stand sometimes. There's so much I want to tell him, but we both have our sore places inside. Things that have happened that we try to protect each other from.
I think they were murdered. My parents that is. I don't know for certain, Lodo won't tell me. He may not even know. He was 15 when it happened and I was seven. He was my protector, friend, and
:iconrikasha:Rikasha 0 8
Ocean of Cloud by Rikasha Ocean of Cloud :iconrikasha:Rikasha 0 3

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Dom's Journal 2
Meian wants to know what this is. She says I've been writing in it all night; these particular memories only want to come out at night, and I've always been a slave to my memories.
"What's that?" she asks.
"A journal," I answer.
"What do you do with it?" she asks again. I smile at her. She's changed a lot from the woman I first met in the tree. Long story. Maybe I'll explain it in here someday.
"You write your memories in it," I explain to her.
"Yeah, like, remember when I stole your dragonstone by accident?" She nodded, her hand going unconsciously to her throat, where the bright jewel glowed in the torchlight. "Well, it's past now. It's a memory. Things that have happened to you and that you remember are memories."
"What memories are in there?" she pointed at my book.
"I don't know. I just started it."
She nodded her head and then curled up beside me, tucking herself into a little black-and-white ball with her wings at first stretching out then folding in and settling on
:iconuzumakiaya:UzumakiAya 2 2
Dom's Journal 1
Arina Inuit Carion the Thirteenth.
An old family name. An old family. Born into power and raised as gods of the upper world, apart from the slums, the beggars, the sick and sorry. I remember her as sure as I remember my own name, but that's only because I loved her. She was the first girl I loved, as a matter of fact--besides my mother and my sister, of course. Want to know about her? Well, keep reading.
I was sixteen when I met Arina. I had been hired by someone outside the guild to break into this old man's house and steal back something that was "rightfully his". I doubted it, but he paid me well and in advance, so who was I to pass it up? I was starving and I needed a ticket to get on the cargo ship heading for the southern continent anyway. The object in question was a jewelry box that he said belonged to his wife and had been stolen by old man Carion when he had come over for one of those big, ritzy parties that rich people throw for no reason. Anyway, he said he had given it to
:iconuzumakiaya:UzumakiAya 2 4
Night Cruising - colour by kimiko Night Cruising - colour :iconkimiko:kimiko 404 73 Naruto Movie Theater by osy057 Naruto Movie Theater :iconosy057:osy057 11,249 1,044 it's good to be the kazekage by VanillaPudding
Mature content
it's good to be the kazekage :iconvanillapudding:VanillaPudding 215 76
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Hope everyone's having a good Easter! (Also Ostara, but that was 2 weeks ago so I'm a bit late.)

...And I had a whole bunch of stuff I was going to say.... and I've forgotten pretty much all of it.  :facepalm:
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