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only draws pretty things :P
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Dress-up Game Selection: rikaroxwood.deviantart.com/jou… or forum.deviantart.com/community…
Bonuses / Prizes Selection & Results of Dress-Up Game Selection & : rikaroxwood.deviantart.com/jou…

Making Dress-Up Games for OCs which belonged to:
:iconakari-neko:  :iconpapayapirate:  :iconzunifuun:

Hi ya :wave:

How are you doing? I am quite busy lately. Just started making the dress up games :D
The Bonuses / Prizes Selection is NOW CLOSED.
I write to inform you'all about the results of the bonuses / prizes selection:

The participants who BOTH joined the Dress-Up Game Selection and Bonuses / Prizes Selection GET THE BONUSES / PRIZES and they are:
:iconmamamii: :iconprojectbc: :iconspiesty: :iconshastab24: :iconresuliac: :iconkyan: :iconsila-asahi:

So, congratulation you guys! :clap:

More Info About the Prizes:

1) A Anime / Manga Style Drawing of Your OC (that you have submitted for Dress-Up Selection)

2) I'll begin to make the prizes when I'm free(for a long time). I am actually a slowpoke and I tend to spend a lot of time (like a month) making an artwork. So, please be patient.:D I'll try to get them done as soon as possible. I normally work by first 'participate' first serve

3) I have 100% control of how I want to draw your OC...the theme...the mood...etc. So this is not a request. But I will try to fit the theme / mood with your OC based on the given information you have provided :D

4) The drawing will be PG-rated. So I won't draw anything related to sexual themes, nudity, violence, blood, gore, yuri / yaoi, etc...

5) And of course, I will tell you when I finish my drawing of your OC.

That's all. :heart:
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Hiya :wave:
How are you doing?

THE DRESS-UP GAME SELECTION rikaroxwood.deviantart.com/jou…

Well, I spent the whole night doing some judging and I have seen lots amazing OCs that you have submitted. A few of the your OCs' submission are able to cheer me up as I have been busy and tired lately. Sorry for the 30 minutes delay ^^;


1) :iconakari-neko: : Pearl akari-neko.deviantart.com/art/…

To me, her OC Pearl is the most original and breathtaking OC so far. When I see her OC, I knew that she will fit the description of what I have been looking for. I think that her OC deserves more attention :heart:

One of the most difficult decisions I have to make is to choose the second OC for the selection. There is a lot of great submissions and it is very difficult to make up my mind. So I have no choice but to rely on my personal taste and find my comfort zone in every OC. At the end, there will be 3 participants whose OCs is selected rather than 2.

2) :iconpapayapirate: : Abigail Rosewood thewyteangel.deviantart.com/ar…

I got carried away with thinking of dressing her OC up with fancy clothing and pirate clothing. Her OC's look reminds me of Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And finally...   

3) :iconzunifuun: : Churi & Ruri zunifuun.deviantart.com/art/tw…

I know...1 OC per person. But when it comes to identical twin OCs, I immediately considered them as 1 OC. She is an amazing artist and she have drawn her OC so neatly and cute. Be sure to check out her gallery.

To sum up, it is very difficult to select OC for my dress-up game so I may done a poor job on judging. I believe that all your OCs deserve more than just a dress-up game as they are really amazing. So please kindly accept my decision :D  



I have been reconsidering the bonuses / prizes since I am really appreciated that there are a total of 29 people participating in my selection despite my lousy art skill and my low reputation. A few of the participants listed below are SO CLOSE to have their OCs to be selected for the dress-up game (I am sure of it).

So the participants are eligible for participating to get the bonuses / prizes are:
:iconaenigma-studios: :iconbakerchemi: :iconthejestersdaughter: :iconcalkubo: :iconjyinxe: :iconhleexyooj: :iconspiesty: :iconkyan: :iconresuliac: :iconkitrianak: :iconshastab24: :iconthedutchesse: :iconelvivo: :iconmamamii: :iconvincentxyooj: :iconsila-asahi: :iconazureluck: :iconprojectbc:

:iconmamamii: :iconprojectbc: :iconspiesty: :iconshastab24: :iconresuliac: :iconkyan: :iconsila-asahi:

When I said  "eligible for participating to get the bonuses / prizes", I don't mean that all 18 participants will be given bonuses / prizes. I probably won't have a life anymore if I make 18 'lucky' prizes. To be selected to get bonuses / prizes, you have to answer 1 annoying question:

"What inspires and influences you while creating your own OC (that you submitted for the selection)?"

Your answer have to be honest and the length will be around 50 - 100 words. I won't be considered about grammar errors and spelling mistakes so don't worry about that. I would really love if you participated in my bonuses / prizes selection. If you don't know how to answer this question, just feel free to tell me. :D

1) I won't force you to participate so feel free to withdraw the bonuses / prizes selection.  

2) You can either post your answer as comment under this journal or if you prefer to do it personally, feel free to send note to me with your answer.

3) I will give you 3 days to answer this question. So the CLOSING DATE is: September 15th, 2009; 12:00 pm GMT

4) There will be about 3 - 10 bonuses / prizes. The actual number of prizes will depends on number of participants for bonuses / prizes selection

5) Depends on number of participants for bonuses / prizes selection, there is a possibility that you will receive bonuses / prizes if you participate.

6) I promised I won't do crappy sketches for prizes / bonuses.


PS. For those who watch me for the reminder of the results, I don't mind if you 'unwatch' me :D
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I have been practicing on making dress-up game and I am looking for an original, breathtaking female OC of yours. Unfortunately I'm a very picky and busy person so there will be 2 PLACES left and I will select 2 female OCs only. I normally draw in manga / anime style and check out my gallery [link] if you want to see how I draw...

So if you're interested, just:
1) link pictures of your OC
2) describe their personalities (3 adjectives)
3) mention the theme of dress-up game (e.g.pirate, retro, casual, fantasy)

1) NO MALES OC, ONLY 100% FEMALE (because I cannot draw boys properly)

2) Each person can submit 1 OC only. (This is not a lottery, you know)

3) I have 100% freedom of drawing your OC in my own style. (So please respect my own originality and don't ask me to draw using 'whatever artist' style)

4) I have 100% freedom of making dress-up game but have limited programming skills. (So please don't ask me to do all these complicated stuffs)

5) Please be cooperative and patient with me in the future if your OC is selected for the dress up game. Since your OC is yours and the 'dress-up game 4 ur OC' idea is mine, we have to work together. I got a life, and so do you. If you are being uncooperative, I will make your OC's dress-up game MY WAY so don't blame me if you don't like it. If you are being impatient and unreasonable, I am afraid that I will not make dress-up game for you anymore.  

:iconaenigma-studios: :iconbakerchemi: :iconthejestersdaughter: :iconpapayapirate: :iconcalkubo: :iconquackington: :iconjyinxe: :iconhleexyooj: :iconmavrickindigo: :iconmrgamer01: :iconspiesty: :iconkyan: :iconresuliac: :iconsynapse17: :iconkitrianak: :iconshastab24: :iconestherrulez: :iconthedutchesse: :iconelvivo: :iconmamamii: :iconvincentxyooj: :iconmaejonin: :iconxocrista: :iconsila-asahi: :iconazureluck: :iconprojectbc: :iconzunifuun: :iconthemanfromhyrule: :iconakari-neko:

You can normally find the pictures on their OCs either in their galleries or the forum forum.deviantart.com/community…

Selection CLOSED
Status: Judging
Results on : 12 September 2009 (tomorrow)

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My definition of original manga is it MUST be UNIQUE, FRESH AND ENTERTAINING. There are unlimited ideas of
how to make original manga plot that no one will ever think of it...so I'm going to teach you how to make it!
(1) What do you like? (Can be ranged from objects, people, hobbies, sports, game etc)
Well the reason why I ask you this question is because I want you to write / draw something you enjoy a lot:D If you like more than one thing, you can combine them to create a masterpiece!
*** Sample Answer***
I normally enjoy clubbing with my friends and I love listening to music. During the last summer vacation, we visited some of the nightclubs in the Mediterraneans and I quite like it (except the hangover part!). So since DJs, nightclub & music is something I like, I can create a plot about a music-loving person who wants to become the world best DJ so (s)he competes with other DJs in the nightclub, competition etc
(2) Which timeline you want to set the plot in?
If you were in the timemachine, which year you would like to travel to??? Also make some research if you want to make your plot realistic.
*** Sample Answer***
Well, since I want to be realistic, why not set in 2002 (random guess)? It's going to be ridiculous to set in the Middle Ages: peasants might burn DJs if they hear their music...you never know...
(3) What type of world does the plot occur in?
It depends what type of mood you wants to set in your story plot. Also, it depends which readers you are targeting on. This time you determine the genre(s).   
*** Sample Answer***
Well, I like my story to be targeted on young teens, so I want to add a little comedy inside my plot. Also I want my plot to be set in the real world, as I want my protagonist to travel all around the world to compete with other DJs (like Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yakitate Japan etc). So the genres of my story is music, adventure and comedy.
(4) Describe your protagonist and his/her goal.
If you want it to be original, you must make a original character!! It doesn't have to be a character that everyone like. Also your protagonist does not have to be a good person...you can even write a story about a evil person (this idea is still fresh)... If you're planning to make optimistic, food-loving, stubborn, stupid and straightforward character like Goku (Dragonball), Naruto (Naruto), Luffy (One Piece) and Natsu (Fairy Tail), then FORGET ABOUT IT!!! In a short term, everybody will get bored of these type of characters since these personalities are repeated over and over again for MORE THAN 20 YEARS!!!
*** Sample Answer***
Well, I want my character to be a pessimist and hardworking. He enjoys whistling (showing a bit of a carefree personality) and he is neither clever nor stupid, just average...After gaining supports from his friends, he decided to be the world best DJs.
THAT'S ALL, I think... GOOD LUCK with your manga-making process :)

Due to workload, I am unable to help you with your manga making process. I'm really sorry about that :(

But here are the resources / articles I found useful (and even better than my poorly written journal):

for rpg, shounen, fighting, science fiction, fantasy plot
Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3, Link 4, [link]
for shoujo, romance plot
[link], [link]
other helpful ways to get the decent plot
[link], [link], [link], [link]
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