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Hiya :wave:
How are you doing?


Well, I spent the whole night doing some judging and I have seen lots amazing OCs that you have submitted. A few of the your OCs' submission are able to cheer me up as I have been busy and tired lately. Sorry for the 30 minutes delay ^^;


1) :iconakari-neko: : Pearl…

To me, her OC Pearl is the most original and breathtaking OC so far. When I see her OC, I knew that she will fit the description of what I have been looking for. I think that her OC deserves more attention :heart:

One of the most difficult decisions I have to make is to choose the second OC for the selection. There is a lot of great submissions and it is very difficult to make up my mind. So I have no choice but to rely on my personal taste and find my comfort zone in every OC. At the end, there will be 3 participants whose OCs is selected rather than 2.

2) :iconpapayapirate: : Abigail Rosewood…

I got carried away with thinking of dressing her OC up with fancy clothing and pirate clothing. Her OC's look reminds me of Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And finally...   

3) :iconzunifuun: : Churi & Ruri…

I know...1 OC per person. But when it comes to identical twin OCs, I immediately considered them as 1 OC. She is an amazing artist and she have drawn her OC so neatly and cute. Be sure to check out her gallery.

To sum up, it is very difficult to select OC for my dress-up game so I may done a poor job on judging. I believe that all your OCs deserve more than just a dress-up game as they are really amazing. So please kindly accept my decision :D  



I have been reconsidering the bonuses / prizes since I am really appreciated that there are a total of 29 people participating in my selection despite my lousy art skill and my low reputation. A few of the participants listed below are SO CLOSE to have their OCs to be selected for the dress-up game (I am sure of it).

So the participants are eligible for participating to get the bonuses / prizes are:
:iconaenigma-studios: :iconbakerchemi: :iconthejestersdaughter: :iconcalkubo: :iconjyinxe: :iconhleexyooj: :iconspiesty: :iconkyan: :iconresuliac: :iconkitrianak: :iconshastab24: :iconthedutchesse: :iconelvivo: :iconmamamii: :iconvincentxyooj: :iconsila-asahi: :iconazureluck: :iconprojectbc:

:iconmamamii: :iconprojectbc: :iconspiesty: :iconshastab24: :iconresuliac: :iconkyan: :iconsila-asahi:

When I said  "eligible for participating to get the bonuses / prizes", I don't mean that all 18 participants will be given bonuses / prizes. I probably won't have a life anymore if I make 18 'lucky' prizes. To be selected to get bonuses / prizes, you have to answer 1 annoying question:

"What inspires and influences you while creating your own OC (that you submitted for the selection)?"

Your answer have to be honest and the length will be around 50 - 100 words. I won't be considered about grammar errors and spelling mistakes so don't worry about that. I would really love if you participated in my bonuses / prizes selection. If you don't know how to answer this question, just feel free to tell me. :D

1) I won't force you to participate so feel free to withdraw the bonuses / prizes selection.  

2) You can either post your answer as comment under this journal or if you prefer to do it personally, feel free to send note to me with your answer.

3) I will give you 3 days to answer this question. So the CLOSING DATE is: September 15th, 2009; 12:00 pm GMT

4) There will be about 3 - 10 bonuses / prizes. The actual number of prizes will depends on number of participants for bonuses / prizes selection

5) Depends on number of participants for bonuses / prizes selection, there is a possibility that you will receive bonuses / prizes if you participate.

6) I promised I won't do crappy sketches for prizes / bonuses.


PS. For those who watch me for the reminder of the results, I don't mind if you 'unwatch' me :D
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I totally forgot to add this part to my OC's description thing I sent you <_<; so just add it on ^__^ <3

Her scar is symbolic of the scar I have emotionally from what happened, the bond we share together. Although I don't have a physical scar from the ordeal, I have plenty of emotional ones. <3
RikaRoxwood's avatar
:lol: that's okay.

Thanks for the info and feel free to give me any info about Sila. :heart:
sila-asahi's avatar
such as the fact that she's a clutz? :D XD Haha, I love to tease my own character =P It's fun in an odd way. :3
RikaRoxwood's avatar
He he...I should try to tease my OCs =P It should be fun
sila-asahi's avatar
It's even more fun during an Rp =P Put them into an awkward situation and make sure the other person knows not to let them back out ^____^!
RikaRoxwood's avatar
Ohhh...I should try that :clap:

BTW Thanks for the watch :worship:
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"What inspires and influences you while creating your own OC - As with most of my character concepts, I start to draw and things get away from me. With Aria, I wanted to create a character in part inspired by Planescape (Which for those who've never heard of it, is a setting for Dungeons and Dragons)

I adore the setting, which takes medieval fantasy and merges it with the surreal and philosophical.

My other inspiration was, strangely enough, a combination of realising that there are very few black characters out there in OC land and seeing a frankly, drop dead gorgeous woman on the tube in London who I thought "Wow, I want to draw her!"

So I did... and me being me, fantasy elements began to seep in. Soon enough I ended up with a tiefling (In the Planescape setting, Tiefling have demonic ancestry somewhere in their distant past)

At first she had no real personality, just an appearance. But I can't deal with characters not having character. She struck me as being of noble birth, that and it gave me the chance to draw really over the top posh clothing heh. I decided to make her a bard because being loosely based on D&D, she needed a character class. None of the other classes really made any sense, and so she became, oddly enough, a bard who played the anachronistic Accordion. Why an accordion? I love them ok? That and it amused me a great deal.
Because I roleplay, a LOT, I began to develop her.

Slowly her personality started to come across. I decided she'd become a member of the Society of Sensation, a group of people (Mostly nobles because they have nothing better to do lol) who believe that life is for experiencing... everything... anything.
I decided to go a step further and somehow, she became a nymphomaniac as well... oops.
This gave me even more of an excuse to dress her in ridiculously skimpy outfits ahahahaha.

Over the years she's become more of a dress up doll for me than a playable character. She looks good in just about anything you put her in, so she's an absolute joy to design outfits for.

That's not to say I don't still use her in rps, sometimes it's rather entertaining and liberating to play a sexually free woman with no inhibitions and a posh upbringing hahaha.
RikaRoxwood's avatar wrote a lot, like about 400 words :wow: It seems that you are having fun with Aria while slowly developing her personality.

Thank you for participating in my bonus / prizes selection :heart:
kyan's avatar
Lol. Apparently I can't be concise.
resuliac's avatar
what inspired me... *sigh*

i cant write 100 words :( my inspiration was so basic....

my thoughts before drawing 'elle':
"oh i havent drawn a female oc with short-ish hair in a while, and i havent drawn a skin tight sci-fi type suit since ever... *shrugs* well i guess i'll draw that then"

thus elle was created... hmmm i think thats about, 40-ish words *dies*

vaguely related inspiration for drawing elle to make up more words:
i have been trying to draw an oc that looks like my girlfriend for well almost 4yrs, lol thats another reason i was inspired to draw elle, but unfortunatly like all the female oc's before her they dont look like my girlfriend. so i keep drawing new ones till i find one that does ^^

and thats 100 words... (hopefully)

^^ cheers, and gl with ur dress up game :thumbsup:
RikaRoxwood's avatar
That is ok :thumbsup: Some people just have their OCs pop up in their mind :D To be honest, I don't really care about the word count.

Thank you for participating in the bonus selection :heart:

PS. THanks for wishing me luck for the dress-up game
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OMGOMGOMG *A* *hyperventilates*
This is so great, thank you so much for this! I'm really glad you liked Pearl~! I can't wait to see how this will turn out ^A^
RikaRoxwood's avatar
*breath in...breath out*

Yeah...I quite like her actually.:heart:
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My inspiration:

When Heroes started, I was intrigued (and still am with the show). One character I found interesting through speculation was Niki, and just what Jessica may be assumed to be. It got me to thinking that a power to take in the souls of the deceased and have them manifest as alternate personalities, replete with their reticent powers if they had them in life, would be interesting, so I created the bare-bones of a character and filed her away in my back catalog of characters I have created.

Then I started reading Pride High and started to flesh her out. I made her transgender because I feel there need to be more transgender superheroes. My own experience with Gender Identity Disorder was also a factor. She was also made younger because of inclusion in the Pride High universe and also to give the chance for growth.
RikaRoxwood's avatar
Wow...I only watched a bit of Heroes. But I quite like the ideas you got there, especially with the transgender concept. :D

Thanks for participating in my bonuses selection :heart:
ShastaB24's avatar
You're welcome. And thank you.
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What inspired me... Well, to be honest I'm not actually quite sure. With me, inspiration isn't sitting down and forcing an idea to come to mind. Sometimes while watching someone in real life, or letting imagination wander, or reading manga, watching a movie, etc, an idea will just suddenly strike me. It can be a combination of things, and also a song.

With my OC Rielle, I was reading a book about a werewolf mechanic. The only thing that she has in common with Rielle is the mechanic part. She's serious, doesn't make jokes, and, well, is a werewolf. But I'd always wanted a mechanic character, and at the same time I was listening to Put Your Lights On by Santana, and all of a sudden I had this idea of a mechanic out for revenge. And she's mainly a tattoo artist, but that came from the original idea.

And I thought about the government and how they do nothing, and about how they'd put down anyone who could potentially threaten them.

And BAM Rielle was born. Of course, she developed over time, but the was the initial way she formed. Her design came afterward, to be honest. I was thinking that she'd need to change her identity so the government couldn't find her, which is why her eyes are colored, and her hair dyed pink. And... actually, I dunno why she wears that outfit, I just like it. lD In RP's, her outfit changes, though, so. XD But, that was how she originally came to be.
RikaRoxwood's avatar
That's kind of interesting. :eager: Especially when you uses music and book as inspirations to create Rielle.

Thank you for participating in my bonuses / prizes selection :heart:
quackington's avatar
(NOOO!! I have gotten nothing for all that hard work...(Sob))

I guess that means, I'm a terrible participant...
RikaRoxwood's avatar're not a terrible participant :hug:

Among all the OCs, your OC Yuko-chan deserves more than just a dress-up game. However I have problems drawing animals / animal parts (including udders) and there are a lot of artists who can draw better than me. Also they can draw Yuko-chan better than me :D

And of course, there will be people who really appreciate the hard work you have done, including me.

I should be thanking you for putting the effort into participating this selection.
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woo! grats!!

i really love the twin dress up idea brilliant :3
RikaRoxwood's avatar
yeah...I know ^ ^

It's so much fun to dress them up
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