Dress-up Game for your female OCs [CLOSED]

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I have been practicing on making dress-up game and I am looking for an original, breathtaking female OC of yours. Unfortunately I'm a very picky and busy person so there will be 2 PLACES left and I will select 2 female OCs only. I normally draw in manga / anime style and check out my gallery [link] if you want to see how I draw...

So if you're interested, just:
1) link pictures of your OC
2) describe their personalities (3 adjectives)
3) mention the theme of dress-up game (e.g.pirate, retro, casual, fantasy)

1) NO MALES OC, ONLY 100% FEMALE (because I cannot draw boys properly)

2) Each person can submit 1 OC only. (This is not a lottery, you know)

3) I have 100% freedom of drawing your OC in my own style. (So please respect my own originality and don't ask me to draw using 'whatever artist' style)

4) I have 100% freedom of making dress-up game but have limited programming skills. (So please don't ask me to do all these complicated stuffs)

5) Please be cooperative and patient with me in the future if your OC is selected for the dress up game. Since your OC is yours and the 'dress-up game 4 ur OC' idea is mine, we have to work together. I got a life, and so do you. If you are being uncooperative, I will make your OC's dress-up game MY WAY so don't blame me if you don't like it. If you are being impatient and unreasonable, I am afraid that I will not make dress-up game for you anymore.  

:iconaenigma-studios: :iconbakerchemi: :iconthejestersdaughter: :iconpapayapirate: :iconcalkubo: :iconquackington: :iconjyinxe: :iconhleexyooj: :iconmavrickindigo: :iconmrgamer01: :iconspiesty: :iconkyan: :iconresuliac: :iconsynapse17: :iconkitrianak: :iconshastab24: :iconestherrulez: :iconthedutchesse: :iconelvivo: :iconmamamii: :iconvincentxyooj: :iconmaejonin: :iconxocrista: :iconsila-asahi: :iconazureluck: :iconprojectbc: :iconzunifuun: :iconthemanfromhyrule: :iconakari-neko:

You can normally find the pictures on their OCs either in their galleries or the forum forum.deviantart.com/community…

Selection CLOSED
Status: Judging
Results on : 12 September 2009 (tomorrow)

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MRGamer01's avatar
Lol nerve wracking! Oughta be fun.
RikaRoxwood's avatar
yeah..I know :D

Should be fun and bit nervous for results
MRGamer01's avatar
Indeed, I'm pretty nervous and all with my luck.
MamaMii's avatar
yay, i cant wait! :3
RikaRoxwood's avatar
me too... ha ha

Results might be unpredictable... but who knows? :D
MamaMii's avatar
this is so nice of you to give this oppertunity though ^_^
RikaRoxwood's avatar
aww :blush:

lol it's nothing...it's like choosing which cake to eat for tea-time, thus showing my fussy personality ;P

I would be a 'super' nice person if I create a dress-up game for each participant's OC just for free.
MamaMii's avatar
hehehe ^_^

you would be but that would be a LOT of work 0.o
RikaRoxwood's avatar
Yeah...I won't have a life anymore :D
MamaMii's avatar
themanfromhyrule's avatar
Ha Ya! This is Awesome I sure Can't wait for the results!
RikaRoxwood's avatar
Yeah... me too

I haven't start judging yet ha ha :D
themanfromhyrule's avatar
lol thats ok Im Sure Id be even worse and do it like five minutes before its supposed to be done lol
RikaRoxwood's avatar
ha ha :lol:

I bet lots of participants will be pissed off if I didn't take the judging part seriously
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