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Bonuses / Prizes Selection & Results of Dress-Up Game Selection & :…

Making Dress-Up Games for OCs which belonged to:
:iconakari-neko:  :iconpapayapirate:  :iconzunifuun:

Hi ya :wave:

How are you doing? I am quite busy lately. Just started making the dress up games :D
The Bonuses / Prizes Selection is NOW CLOSED.
I write to inform you'all about the results of the bonuses / prizes selection:

The participants who BOTH joined the Dress-Up Game Selection and Bonuses / Prizes Selection GET THE BONUSES / PRIZES and they are:
:iconmamamii: :iconprojectbc: :iconspiesty: :iconshastab24: :iconresuliac: :iconkyan: :iconsila-asahi:

So, congratulation you guys! :clap:

More Info About the Prizes:

1) A Anime / Manga Style Drawing of Your OC (that you have submitted for Dress-Up Selection)

2) I'll begin to make the prizes when I'm free(for a long time). I am actually a slowpoke and I tend to spend a lot of time (like a month) making an artwork. So, please be patient.:D I'll try to get them done as soon as possible. I normally work by first 'participate' first serve

3) I have 100% control of how I want to draw your OC...the theme...the mood...etc. So this is not a request. But I will try to fit the theme / mood with your OC based on the given information you have provided :D

4) The drawing will be PG-rated. So I won't draw anything related to sexual themes, nudity, violence, blood, gore, yuri / yaoi, etc...

5) And of course, I will tell you when I finish my drawing of your OC.

That's all. :heart:
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i cant beleive i gets art from you!
your a very good artis and it was nice for you to offer people art for bonuses :3

i cant wait to play the game X3

thank you very much ^_^
RikaRoxwood's avatar
You're welcome :heart: I'm glad you enjoy the bonuses :D

I'm not really a great artist, but I'll try to improve my skills
MamaMii's avatar
you are a good one, i love your style ^_^

and i enjoy it very much :3 :hug:
RikaRoxwood's avatar
super big hug to you :hug: :heart: :hug: :heart: :hug:
MamaMii's avatar
yay!! i feel loved XDD

thank you :3 :glomp:
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