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The tutorial

I know my grammar is very bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But I'm trying!!!!!!!!!!!I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!(cry)
My friend on the sykpe, said wants me to do a tutorial, how to draw on the hair.
So I did this.In fact contains the face and hair, but I do not detailed enough.......Seems I have been teaching you how to color...
but trust me, I will try to improve, in the future.
I used to the tutorial
My eyes tutorial by RikaMello
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Very helpful for me as a newbie artist hehehehe
myra-hime's avatar
Your drawings are amazing, I love your tutorial which is very helpful <3 thank you !
PamTheCreator's avatar
thats a little bit hard to me in the beginnin of colors `~`
Linora-Ghosty's avatar
thank you for tutorial, it realy help me
OpheliaMoonARTblog's avatar
wonderful! thank you~ 
Messalita's avatar
aww this was really helpful! tysm for sharing :D
RikaMello's avatar
thank you. I'm trying to do a little better.
RikaMello's avatar
how you feeling?
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Really hard to practice it.
o0NeonCola0o's avatar
Great tutorial ^^ looking forward to trying some of your tips
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nice tutorial~!
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Thanks for the tutorial ◠‿◠
AzakiShimo's avatar
idk how to do this? ;.;
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I love this tutorial! But how did you do the layers? Did you do the color on the same layer you drew on, or on another one? that's what I have trouble with.
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This is paint tool sai you are using, right? :)
LoreaMStudios's avatar
Its Photoshop i think *3*
iCherryTree's avatar
I think they're using Manga Studio.
i could be wrong, but my SAI doesnt look like that ;v;
Lullivy's avatar
manga studios doesn't look like that either
its nearly identical to sai
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Your tutorial is really amazing, i'm gonna try it out while i'm at home ^-^
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thank so much! if you don't mind, what tablet/program do you use to do this? 
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