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Ohtsutsuki Kaguya

I received a request advice, in my ASK.
Starfall want me to draw the Ohtsutsuki Kaguya, you know I like strong women, and Ohtsutsuki Kaguya was the strongest female ninja.I'll be very interested in her.
If someone does not know who she is, then try…
About this picture, I in the process of production, I
talk to my good friend Quito , Kaguya should be how to look, he gave me a lot of interesting suggestion.
Hope you will like my Kaguya.

You can download the original image for details.

I have no facebook, twitter, even Tumblr , I only have dA here.
If someone is willing to share my work to these sites,
Indicate the original author is me that completely OK. I will be very happy.


used: photoshop CS 5 
drawing table:wacom Intuos4
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I’d like to hire you as my concept artist in the foreseeable future. Your talent is mind blowing!
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One of my favorite characters ever, funky colors (red, cyan usually look bad but here they look awesome), air swirls... it's awesome and definitely a good wallpaper.

Imagine anime done in this artstyle. Maybe in 2030 with more computing power..
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Beautiful artwork ! Well done ! :-)
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You are amazing! This will be my Wallpaper XD
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Welcome! (This is now my wallpaper XD)
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Awesome painting! 
I used your picture in a remix i made, hope thats ok!? :)
full credit is mentioned!…
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Fantastic work! ; D
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very beautiful. love it :)
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great art but i noticed a tiny mistake in the tags : its tagged as narutu instead of naruto
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oh...yes!!!thank you!
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Oh shit its fucking amazing <3 
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np you are amazing
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Great photo. I really like the background.
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It is the best of character design by kishimoto but you have managed to make it even more awesome. BTW too bad she is a villian I wanted to more of her in manga.
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It's fucking awesome.
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Wow, thank you very much.
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