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Theres no pretending i loveyou



The Mortal Instruments ~Cassandra Clare

Clary and Jace, a little on the fail side.. clary looks a little.. dopey?? haha aaaand my background skills only extend to a basic level.. OF FAIL!!@! D=<
i think i got the point of nighttime across, but.. lace curtains and bedspreads arent my fortee!! :(

If your not finished the thrid book, STOP now!!

:star: ~ sorry!!!

"there is no pretending," Jace said with absolute clarity. "I love you, and will love you until i die, and if theres a life after that, i'll love you then." She caught her breath. He had said it-- The words there waas no going back from. She struggled for a reply, but none came..

naaw now isnt that just soo fuckign sweet!!! :tears:

aaahh dang naah i was gonna write out the cute scene where they're in bed.. but STUF you can doo that! need help?? Handy reference here!! : pg-328 - 334 :tighthug:

also i tried to make it a bit softer thank i usually doo bold!! but i tthought it was such a soft scene i tired to stick to that!! .. -___- never again
OOoOooooOOOha!! my bad!! ~bhanesidhe created the runes i used on jace!! thanks!! ^_^
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