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Base price : 40€+

Average Completion Time : 24h-48h



Base Price : 80€+

Average Completion Time : 72h+

Garde-robe Commission Sample

- 3 outfits total, with an underwear wearing chibi base.

- No limits of layers per outfits.

- You get a .psd file with all the clothes.

- Clear references of all the outfits needed or I will improvise on the parts I cannot see ( references can be a simple sketch of pictures of existing garments )

- 15euros per additional outfit.


SIMPLE Base Price : 25€+ // Average Completion Time : 24h

COMPLEX Base Price : 40€+ // Average Completion Time : 24h-48h

Simple : Complex :

Adopt Auction - lounge Attire - 005
Fashion Illustration Serie 1 - Moonlight

- Simple is flat colored.

- Complex is fully shaded.

- Design of an attire on my fashion drawing base.

- Prices per unit.

- Can be a "re-design" of a pre-existing Attire.


Base Price : 50€+

Average Completion Time : 24h-48h

Morgane - The Golden Witch

- Only skin, metals and gems will be shaded.

- Sketch :

Sketch Sample
In desperate need of practice - 12 - Sketch/Line

- Portrait : 10€+

- Halfbody : 15€+

- Fullbody : 20€+

Average Completion Time : 24h

- Linearted :

Adopt Auction - OPEN - 003
The Elf and her Baby Wyvern

- Portrait : 40€+

- Halfbody : 60€+

- Fullbody : 100€+

Average Completion Time : 3days-5days

- Painted :


- Portrait : 50€+

- Halfbody : 80€+

- Fullbody : 120€+

Average Completion Time : 3days-5days


Pastel Skirt
Lumine - Close-up

- Linearted : 25€

- Painted : 35€

Average Completion Time : 24h

- HALFBODY for Linearted & painted illustration can either be upper or lower body.

Average Completion Time : Time starting from reception of payments to completion of the piece.


- Optionnal, price to be discussed.

Now for the RULES


- I DON'T draw :

- Gore / violence / pornographic

- Mecha / weaponery

- Realistic stuff

- Payment up-front in EUROS ( Prices include Paypal fees ). As currency rate changes everyday I will only accept the payment in euros.

- I will send a sketch for edits.

- All prices listed are starting prices and may vary depending on the complexity for your character or demands. It is open to negotiation.

To inquire me about a commission please send me an email at : contact.rikadono@gmail.com with the following form :

- Commissions type :

- Character references :

( - For designs : Style, era, photos )

- Character personnality :

- Requirements : a pose or a mood or a lighting or environnement ect....

Please keep in mind, I am dyslexic and may have difficulties understanding long paragraphes of texts. Short sentences that goes to the point are far easier to work with. I also prefer a drawn reference with annotations over a text description, even if you think you're drawing skills are too bad to show, I assure you it is far more helpful to any artist :)

Have a good day :)

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Contest Results

1 min read

I will keep it simple, since I don't want to check a thousand to understand how journals on eclipse works Xd

So here you go :

1st PLACE:

Master of illusions

by :iconMelissa-S23:

- 1 illustrated fullbody with simple background - 1 illustrated halfbody with simple background - 1 portrait

- 3 Fashion Designs

Congratulations !!!

Special Public award:

will be choosen among non winning entries by public vote.

- 1 illustrated portrait

Vote here : https://www.deviantart.com/rika-dono/poll/Choose-the-Public-Award-who-will-win-a-portrait-among-those-entries-7887796

Votes will be open for 24hours !

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Choose the Public Award who will win a portrait among those entries :

32 votes
Ce  My Next Life In A Visual Novel By Tanitak Ddxw
Ce  My Next Life In A Visual Novel By Tanitak Ddxw

by tanitak

Contest Entry For Rika Dono By Luvliartlady Ddxzj3
Contest Entry For Rika Dono By Luvliartlady Ddxzj3

by luvliartlady


by fated-wings

Marianne By Swedenlena Ddwo0dn-fullview
Marianne By Swedenlena Ddwo0dn-fullview

by swedenlena

Marianne Lefebvre  Rika Dono Competition  By Saphi
Marianne Lefebvre  Rika Dono Competition  By Saphi

by saphirhearts

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2 years since the last contest ><

DEADLINE EXTENTED to 25th of June !!

THEME : Isekai

If you don't know, an isekai is a genre in which a character living it's life is suddenly transported into another world (either by death or summon).

The character to draw is from a : historical/romance/drama world and is transported to a : fantasy/adventure world with magic, monsters, adventurers ... the whole lot. 
You must draw the character as she lives in her new world ( fantasy/adventure ) , how did she adapted, did she stay the same ? Did she jump into adventuring ? Did she stay a noble ?
Concerning her outfit :  it is possible she kept the same dress, or modified her outfit or created a new one from the layers of clothing she had on her, or just bought a new "fitting" outfit by selling her very expensive ballgown :)

Character to draw :

Marianne Lefebvre by rika-dono
The details and reference in decent resolution : www.artstation.com/artwork/xza…

This Lady is named Marianne Lefebvre ( the "b" is mute )


   "Hello dear strangers, my name is Marianne Lefebvre, I was kindly invited to narrates you a bit of my somewhat tragic past. Although I say tragic but it is more a tale of betrayal, however fear not as I will try to be as concise as can be.

First some basic informations on my person to help you understand the context. I was a Duchess, given proper education beffiting a lady, I was brought up alongside my sister. Or should I say step-sister. Both our mothers had passed and only remained our father until my 16th birthday, I then took over his duty until I was to get married to the crown prince of our kingdom. Not something I was particularly looking forward to as I only wished to be as unnoticed as possible, and for a good reason, I am what they used to call "a witch".
I'll stop you there, not the kind of witches they believed to be actually. Their image of a witch was either a curse trowing ugly woman or a stunning femme fatale who lures in men to sacrifice for some obscure objective.

The nature of my magic is unharmful only able to bring wonders with illusions or more practical everyday chores. Trust me it is so indredibly practical when one has to put on so many layers of complicated clothing everyday. Of course I could ask some maids to help me but I liked some bits of privacy at times. Oh, and not to mention, it helps keeping the water of your bath warm ! 

But I digress, I was now 17 years old and attended a victory ball at the royal palace when it all went down. I did not catches all the details of the events, I must sadly admit I was quite stunned at the turn of event and the backstabbing. As it turned out, my fiancé the crown prince and my step-sister were plotting to get rid of me. The crown prince hoped to marry my oh so wonderful step-sister and said sister appeared wanting to get her hands on my fortune, do not be lured, she had absolutely no intention of marrying that idiot of crown wearring bastard. I can assure you of that, but back to the subject, in the middle of the ball she went unto a very boring monologue to conclude with : "Marianne is a witch". I was not very worried, after all I had many connections and respects even if loyalty is not a word with which I would describe a noble but then ... that, absolutely ... *cough* I meant, the crown prince backed her up with fabricated proofs, some obscure documents and testimonies, I was, well, doomed.

I was arrested until trial but managed to escape the guards while they escorted me to the dungeons. For indeed, they had not anticipated for one thing : me being an actual witch. *chuckle*
How regretful I could not witness all those hypopcrites faces when they learned I had escaped.

I'm not really sure how I ended there in this world, all I remember is following a warm and reassuring light into the Palace park and then, here I was."

I left the rests of her trait open. You can choose her likes and dislikes.


- No bases, not even mines :) (Smile)
- Everyone can join
- Digital or tradionnal
- Colored, grayscale, sketches, flat coloring ect ... ask if unsure
- No wips, finished drawings only
- Background is optionnal
- At lest 1 element of decor, ex :  Strolling by rika-dono likes the branches.
- No mature content
- You can sumbit as many entries as you want
- You DON'T need to follow or watch me to participate.

Comment below with a link to your entry when done, if I didn't say " thank you for entering " within 24hours I probably didn't see your entry.


If you didn't gave me the link to your entry in the comments, I won't accept it !


I'll wait for the 5th to be over in all timezones before closing

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
I'll be judging with a friend of mine.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



- 1 illustrated fullbody :  Fate by rika-dono with simple background
- 1 illustrated halfbody with simple background
- 1 portrait :  Portrait - Nina by rika-dono in this type ( same background, same lights ect ... )
- 3 Fashion Designs in this style :  Anoria2 by rika-dono ( for existing character )


Unlocked at 10participants

- 1 illustrated halfbody no background
- 1 portrait
- 2 Fashion Designs


unlocked at 20 participants

- 1 portrait 
- 1 Fashion Design

Special Public award

will be choosen among non winning entries by public vote.

- 1 illustrated portrait

Feel free to donate prizes if you want to :) (Smile)

All entries will be favorited here :

Good luck everyone 0w0
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Hi there !

As you might have seen I've started uploading regularly again although I do so, I post more on Artstation : https://www.artstation.com/rika-dono cause the multi-post feature is just awesome ><

But I'll still post the finished drawings here if that's all you're interested in. If you want process, linearts and close-up, it's on Artstation :)

I should keep posting regularly as I must renew my portfolio and cause, yeah, I lost my job so I got time. And with the confinement going on, I got even more time on my hands.

Talking of confinement, Stay Home folks !!! Please don't be one of those people we mock on national tv that goes out for no reason !

Other stuff : I think I'm gonna have a contest sometimes soon as it has been a while since the last one, years I think. I think I got a good idea for a theme, dunno about the rules and prizes yet but we'll see that later.

Quick question while I'm there :

What's going on with browsing with Eclipse ?? You can browse by popularity and you can browse by categorie but you can't do both ? or I have not seen it ? And by what the categorie is ranked ?

This new version is so confusing ...

Anyway have a good day and stay safe !

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