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Base price : 40€+

Average Completion Time : 24h-48h



Base Price : 80€+

Average Completion Time : 72h+

Garde-robe Commission Sample

- 3 outfits total, with an underwear wearing chibi base.

- No limits of layers per outfits.

- You get a .psd file with all the clothes.

- Clear references of all the outfits needed or I will improvise on the parts I cannot see ( references can be a simple sketch of pictures of existing garments )

- 15euros per additional outfit.


SIMPLE Base Price : 25€+ // Average Completion Time : 24h

COMPLEX Base Price : 40€+ // Average Completion Time : 24h-48h

Simple : Complex :

Adopt Auction - lounge Attire - 005
Fashion Illustration Serie 1 - Moonlight

- Simple is flat colored.

- Complex is fully shaded.

- Design of an attire on my fashion drawing base.

- Prices per unit.

- Can be a "re-design" of a pre-existing Attire.


Base Price : 50€+

Average Completion Time : 24h-48h

Morgane - The Golden Witch

- Only skin, metals and gems will be shaded.

- Sketch :

Sketch Sample
In desperate need of practice - 12 - Sketch/Line

- Portrait : 10€+

- Halfbody : 15€+

- Fullbody : 20€+

Average Completion Time : 24h

- Linearted :

Adopt Auction - OPEN - 003
The Elf and her Baby Wyvern

- Portrait : 40€+

- Halfbody : 60€+

- Fullbody : 100€+

Average Completion Time : 3days-5days

- Painted :


- Portrait : 50€+

- Halfbody : 80€+

- Fullbody : 120€+

Average Completion Time : 3days-5days


Pastel Skirt
Lumine - Close-up

- Linearted : 25€

- Painted : 35€

Average Completion Time : 24h

- HALFBODY for Linearted & painted illustration can either be upper or lower body.

Average Completion Time : Time starting from reception of payments to completion of the piece.


- Optionnal, price to be discussed.

Now for the RULES


- I DON'T draw :

- Gore / violence / pornographic

- Mecha / weaponery

- Realistic stuff

- Payment up-front in EUROS ( Prices include Paypal fees ). As currency rate changes everyday I will only accept the payment in euros.

- I will send a sketch for edits.

- All prices listed are starting prices and may vary depending on the complexity for your character or demands. It is open to negotiation.

To inquire me about a commission please send me an email at : contact.rikadono@gmail.com with the following form :

- Commissions type :

- Character references :

( - For designs : Style, era, photos )

- Character personnality :

- Requirements : a pose or a mood or a lighting or environnement ect....

Please keep in mind, I am dyslexic and may have difficulties understanding long paragraphes of texts. Short sentences that goes to the point are far easier to work with. I also prefer a drawn reference with annotations over a text description, even if you think you're drawing skills are too bad to show, I assure you it is far more helpful to any artist :)

Have a good day :)

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Had a few concepts in mind I would have liked to commission you for but that line right there is a "No thank you". If I pay for something I commission you to do, I should own it and use it as I see fit.

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You don't own intellectual property on commissions, any commissions from anyone so if you want to use one commercially you need to pay a fee for it. That's how it works. I don't want to go into the maths of calculating thoses fees so I do not accept commercial commissions.

If you buy an art piece it is for you, if you want to do merch out of it, you need to pay a lot more, that's how it is, it would not be fair to the artist if you bought a piece for a few dollars and made thousands out of it.

But if you do not agree then you are welcome to continue on your way.

Have a good day :)

Actually you do own your IP when you commission someone. I'm not sure where you are getting your nonsense from. And trust me I already continued on my way.

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Oooh, exciting to see Rika commissions again! If I manage to think of something to have draw, then I'll message you immediately! c:

rika-dono's avatar

With pleasure :)