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Some Breasts and Hips - Sizes and Forms

By rika-dono
I'm going to use that for my commissions because sometimes it's not clear from the reference. I won't make bigger sizes of breasts.

And since it seems it needs some clarification :

                        :star: Breasts: size

Forget Gravity here, those are PURE SIZE without gravity, as gravity affect the form of breasts.
I never said they're accurate either. Each and every country has their own standard when it comes to size, even within the EU ( Europe ) it change from country to country.

                        :star: Hips:
1 is what I draw by default, 2 is a more defined/ muscular hips with prominent bones without fat, 3 Is default hips with "low fat" or big tights which form a pear ( kinda like a bicycler as someone said ) , 4 is thin hips : it's the same as 2, defined hips but the bones can't be seen trought the shape and 5 is default hips with " hight fat" / love handles :) (Smile)

Of course, one can stylized or emphasized more those forms and there are probably a lot more forms of hips than just those but it's just the ones I usually go for :heart:

I was going to keep it to myself but I guess if it's useful for me, it can be useful for other people too.
And if it's not useful to you then thank you for passing by, BYE BYE :) Don't forget I don't have any obligation whatsoever to post ressources, tutorials, references or anything else of the kind 0V0 

You can use with credit of course.
Don't repost it, ect ...

Also don't forget : what matter isn't the size of the breast or the hips, what matter is the Harmony of the whole figure :)
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Feyzer's avatar
This chart is most helpful, coverin' even flat delicious ones.
TheMoodisWrite's avatar
This is great, Rika!  I wish more artists made a guide for how they see different described features.  This is really helpful for writers _and_ people who struggle to match descriptions to features (both me lol).  Thank you for making this!

If you ever get the urge, I really hope you will make a similar reference for other features: perhaps how you view face shapes, nose types, or leg types?  Sorry if that came off as pushy.  Your style is amazing, and I love learning about how other artists view the body.
VixenDra's avatar
Um... you know... I have a G/H cup (it's H if I wore the proper, tight ones but I hate how some can hurt my sternum so I wear G that a are a bit less tight, hence a G/H) and it looks like your D! And I have a chest size like in your figures.
I think your F is about irl M (or even larger(further in the alphabet)?… )

I know, you say it's for commissions... and that it's not necessairly to be accurate... but really, this is only contributing to the false idea of sizes...:(
And this is lacking a semi large cup between your C(irl DD probably) and your D(irl H) - this C on your 'chart' is like a good medium size while your D is already a large size... no middle ground like a medium large, while you have 2 extra large and 2 small. Just saying.
rika-dono's avatar
Consider I'm French, and the sizes I represneted are per se, closer to french measurements :)
VixenDra's avatar
Makes more sense now, would be useful if you had this mentioned in the description too (I mean that it's FR-based)^^

(BTW it sounds like it's difficult to get a proper-sized bra in France then xD unless there are many inbetweens like DDDD nstead of single or just double letters I know xD)
rika-dono's avatar
Sadly, it is a hasle to get a proper bra size, small or big ><
VixenDra's avatar
Is it somehow because of so few letters used for that wide range of sizes?

It's not that much of a hassle in my country I think - smaller and averagely proportioned sizes are very easy to get (especially the EU A-D range, others require(d?) a visit in a proper bra shop instead of a clothes shop) but the problem starts when your chest is narrow but the cup is large (because they came from a 'big cup=wide chest' assumption), I had difficulties because of that but it was a few years ago, recently it's somehow easier to get my size, maybe because bra-fitting was somehow popularised in recent years^^  in general in my country women used to have a tendency to buy way too small cups and too wide chest parts to compensate the small cup szie - and who knows maybe that's why only such sizes were so easy to find a while ago and why it's been changing recently...
rika-dono's avatar
Yea our main problem comes from the way size are mades. I'm lucky to have an average size but usually women with a size larger than C can't find anything in shops since most of wat is sold is actually B/C and a little bits of A. But most of the time it's 'cause of the cup actual size the problem, either too big or too small. There's no intermediate size ...
SunsetVampCat's avatar
I've not seen anyone do this yet in the weeks I've been tutorial searching to add to my favorites. The hip shapes you add in red! Since I have seen pictures in the past that have real live people that are in the shapes of fruit (like pear-shape) or face shapes that are heart-shape, and other like upside-down triangles and stuff. I wish I saw more tutorial like that, so thank you :heart:
Hinater's avatar
superbe merci ^^
125bulma's avatar
for the breasts does the letter mean cup sizes or they're just letters
VicariouslyGaming's avatar
I really love this :) Thank you!
sarkiya's avatar
This makes a lot more sense now, thank you!
StopAtTheEdge's avatar
Just what i was looking for! Profiles references! Yay!!Merci Beaucoup!
LoudlyTransparent's avatar
"i won't make them bigger" thank you . I've seen far to many times breast larger then their torso which kills the drawing. You have the perfect amount of cartoony and realism so it doesn't look like big ass balloons on them 
rika-dono's avatar
thank you, I indeed come across a lot of drawing with breasts almost or bigger than the women they belong too but I don't understand why some people fing those kinds attractive ... it's only a massive bag fat.
LoudlyTransparent's avatar
true :/ people that have big boobs on anime characters often get a larger following sadly UnU
rika-dono's avatar
yeah, I think that : "what matter isn't the size of the breast or the hips, what matter is the Harmony of the whole figure" but I guess some things won't change :)
LoudlyTransparent's avatar
yes , sadly UnU. Body figure is a great way to show character deapth but the ones who draw big boobs just draw one figure alone. Making their character seem 2 dimentional and flat 
AvocadoAfro's avatar
Well, to be fair, there are disproportionate people out there. I've seen some women's breasts and think, "How the hell can you carry all that?!" Like my aunt, for example. She has HUGE KNOCKERS, but she also has wide hips, so it works out nicely.
Fancy-Walrus's avatar
your profile pic.....


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