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Some Body Forms I Like To Draw

If you're seeking realism GO ON YOUR WAY. You've been warned, all comment stating : that's not realist will be deleted.

If you're commenting without bothering reading the description, maybe I should delete your comment too ?
I'm pretty patient, but not to the point of answering the same question 10th time, okay ? :)

Looks like some people didn't bother to look for part 2 : Some Body Forms I Like To Draw 2 by rika-dono

Once and for all : the normal or Average CHANGE DEPENDING THE COUNTRY YOUR FROM.
Something could be skinny for you but normal for others. On the contrary what you consider normal could be considered fat by someone else. 
I'm especially talking to those affected by countries invaded by Junk Food.

THIS IS WHAT I ( and french doctors ) CONSIDER AS THE NORMS : Woman : 1m63 and 63kg ( Men: 1m75 and 77kg ) . It's the average of the woman population etablished by INSEE ( national institute of statistics and economics studies )
It also vary from each individual depending on your education.

Now that this is done, I've made that "chart" because the difference in what my commissioner ask and what I understand can be a problem.

- Model : What I use for fashion design.
- Normal : What I'm usually asked for and go for.
- Meaty : That's what I call chubby, plump and the kind. It's NOT fat. I always start by adding "fat" on the hips and thighs, that's were woman usually start to store it but it depends on your character metabolism and genetic :)
- Athletic : I'm not really into drawing athletic women. Breasts are lump of fat, your characters are unlikely to have huge breast if they do lots of sports but it also depends on the sports, metabolism and genetic.

Those are the "base" of each category. When you can start seeing the difference between all those.
If I feel like it then I'll develop each category , although I won't go into extremes :)

Don't repost, don't trace ect ... If you wish to use those as base it's only for non-commercial work and you HAVE TO credit me.
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can i use em? to draw my oc Hollowed?
i will credit uwu
rika-dono's avatar
if you credit me for the base
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I want to be athletic...
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i honestly fdont care about how i look i just want to feel good about myself and eating makes me hate me and everything
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WOW people be trippin' all through this. It makes me wonder why the feel the need to sit there and type all that to you. You have your set style/way to do things, and that's okay. you do your art for YOU , right? Not for them, so they should just shut up.

I can tell the difference between all these. Could there be a little variation? Sure, but again, you do your art for you. I totally get it.
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If you put the athletic's arms and legs on the 'meaty' one you'd actually have a pretty realistic form. The model one is basically sailor moon anatomy too..
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J'aime beaucoup ces types de corps !
Je les trouve très harmonieux et bien plus attirants dans leurs proportions que des corps "réalistes" :)
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I like the "heavy" one, the little barrier between the thigh fat and belly fat makes a nice torso shape. Like a Greek goddess
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I like the athletic one, I'd say I draw that most often
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I get that you're not going for realism, but might I humbly suggest you replace "heavy" with "curvy?" Just seems more appropriate in this case o.o
rika-dono's avatar
read the description and you'll see it's not written heavy but meaty
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Just kidding, it's all good!
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I need to master this!!! Thanks for your post!!
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J'dois avouer que je vois pas trop la différence entre chaque type ._. 
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I think that part of what people see as the issue here is that these aren't necessarily different forms- rather, it's different weights on the same basic, hourglass form.
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Omg, dat first arm tho, haha.
Its very helpfull, ty! 'u'
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Wow you draw really well I like it!
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I love love love this :3 
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