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Sitting Poses

There was an empty space so I've put a portrait xD

No, I can't give you a bigger resolution file. This is the size I used to draw.
No idea which category this belong to.
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Thank you for making this it helped me draw a pose I was looking for, for a animation I am making(specifically the legs which looked too long and this picture helped me realize what I did wrong.

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sorry about the two favorits i was adding it to my reference list but i love the forms and it's given me some insperation.

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omg thank you so much, i needed an interesting sitting pose to show off an outfit for a character of mine

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Ahh thank you ;w; i need refs like this 
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I still have problems with poses, this is helpful, is free to use???
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thanks, do you want to see what I'm doing???…
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Hello, I use the top right for [CV02 Rin] Summer Swimwear.
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could you one day do a boy one
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Thank you so much. Used this and will credit you in the bio ~~
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Thank you! i really needed this, : D
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used as reference, thank you so much.  Fix me (vent) by NIGHTofSONGS  (credited you as well)
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Much needed. Arigato! (Thank you!)
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thank you so much!! this helped me with pose :^)
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thank you, i needed that
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Thank you this is very helpful!!!
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this helped me a lot with my poses! I really dose since some of my posse are very stiff ;-;
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this is extremely helpful, tysm!
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this is really helpful! 
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