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Lips Refs

I love to draw lips >v<

For those who want to know I always proceed this way for painting lips:

_First, with pen tool draw basic shape of the mouth > density > 90-95 %
_ With airbrush tool, add basic color ( blend with water tool if necessary ) > density > 50-60 %
_ eraser for highlight in this drawing but usually : light yellow with pen tool > density 100%
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I really enjoyed this- it helps me how to draw lips. Thank you

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So cute !!! <333
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cute lips. lovely <3
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Thanks! this will help me draw lips in the near future. Even tho I work on MS paint. Beautiful drawing by the way.
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OMG soooo beautiful !! how can you even lips like that ???? PLZ do a tutorial I need it so much . NO all the people on the earth need it !! :)
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thank you, this is very pretty
BatInAHat's avatar
So lovely, just perfect
Hoarding all the references XD
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Très joli... une jolie colorisation discrète aussi....j'aime beaucoup
rika-dono's avatar
oui je préfère dessiner/coloriser les lèvres légèrement plutôt que de coloriser entierement style rouge à lèvres très marqué 0v0
Il y a trop d'accent en français XD
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This is insanely useful. This is something I find really hard to do
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nice! I like this style!
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nice shine will try also lol
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beautiful. thanks 
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what if we draw the lips in traditional art? what do we use then? pencils, smudge tool, eraser and charcoal? or just pencils, smudge tool and eraser? .3.
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color pencil/ pencil, smudge and a sharp and clean eraser :)
iWhiteblaze's avatar
Ok. thanks. i don't really have a smudge, but i do have a finger and that seems to work. :3
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Inspiring art style. Hope I can draw as well as you.
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i followed ur lip tutorial (and nose but not as well hehe) and this is what i got XD…

thank you so much for the help dear!
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now i feel the urge to draw them. its so great!!! :iconsnugplz:

but school  is teaching me math instead...=__=
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Thank you very helpful, I want more XD :happybounce: 
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