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How I paint - several things - 2015vs2018

And that's why I make steps-by-steps, just like my yt channel I keep "archives" and that's a really good way to see ones evolution; not only seeing a before after but seeing all the way one evolved. Although usually I just remake the whole "tutorials" whenever I integrate a technique within my drawings.

A few notes : 
- last 3 steps for the lips are optionnal, it varies depending of the texture you want to give.
- last lips, I use a shade layer to give this color.
- The eyes, draw the lashes then make-up if wanted. Sorta like you apply make-up, prep the skin first ( you can draw the lashes unto a masked layer until you're done with this step ), then put eyeshadow, then eyeliner and if you want bigger lashes, you put on fake and draw thicker eyelashes.
- The belly; When I paint the bust without the shoulder I tend to elongate it as if the character is stretching after waking up, you might takes this into account if you want to apply this, so don't blindly copy it.
- The hair, I start with the lightest color the hair is gonna have : the highlights.

As you can see, I became a scaredy cat when it comes to highlights ... currently working on that x)

I'll be sharing my brushes soon, I use Paint Tool Sai v2 so you might not be able to transfer them as is into Sai v1.

A "remake" of :  How I Paint - Several Things by rika-dono

I'd like to point out, those kinds of steps-by-steps, tutorials you see around are NOT for beginners. Remember that artists, myself included, providing those things can only share tips within our level of comprehension; they include a level of comprehension beginners do not have yet because of lack of experience.
There are a lot of steps we "skip" for they are ingraved in our drawing memory / instinct and we do not realize what they are anymore. There also are things we don't know yet, and what we draw can also be based on "wrong"/ biased knowledge.

Just a little thing to keep in mind when you look at works like this one :)

Please don't repost !!
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wow! so cool !! Kao emoji  (w-what??-01)
thats so hard to make realistic draw Kao Emoji-77 (Errr) [V4]
but u make it so perfectly!! thats awesome   
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Excelente y muy útil. Gracias por compartir.
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omg i will look at this every single time i draw ! :) thanks u <3 
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At first I thought the hair was a dress xD
Great at though!
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//kjasd;lfkjklajsdf i can't do REALISMMM but these are so gorgeous and make me WANT TO
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I think 2015 is more cartoonish while 2018 is more realistic - i wouldn't call 2015 bad or 'not as great at 2018' i think you just changed your style but the quality is gorgerous even 3 years ago :) 
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