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How I paint Torso - Female and Male

No nipples XD ( so that it doesn't fall under mature content or some people complaining about it )
Also Gender equality !!!

First was a simple practice but, though it might be worth sharing it.
Used 2 skin tones to give you 2 possible skin palette :)
Left the blank but I have to say: from step 2 I already work on 1layer only and last step optional :)
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Thank you very much.

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Awesome! The same for back plsss ^_^
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very cool thank you for showing this
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It's amazing! Very beautiful! It is very helpful! Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial! :heartemote: 
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This is what i needed, thanks
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 very good. This helps.
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What are the exact steps to coloring the skin?  I like how glossy it is.
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Do you have a page for more realistic body types/shapes?
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Those are realistic body shapes
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yes they are. Just because you have to put effort into shaping your body does not make them unrealistic. Does it make it hard to achieve, yes, but not impossible with enough will.
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actual try to find up a body like that (models don't count)
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But models are people too, why don't the count? 
mistress-of-the-nigh's avatar
mostly forset to be that size
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many athletes, people in shape, the WWE. Just go to the gym. And why don't models count? they go to extremes but the fact they are still alive means it is possible, just not something most people want to put themselves through.
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I agree, models count. A lot of people will use models simply for reference, BECAUSE they have very exaggerated body shape. I'm gonna say, this is quite fantastic, and I noticed her shading/coloring technique is quite similar to mine, which is interesting.
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Actually, these are more idealized and very manga-styled. I'm asking about realism, so I can reference it.
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I was just looking for tutorials too, this is how I got here. Maybe this could help you, these are more realistic.… 
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Thank you for this!
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I got a bit disillusioned with my first few tries in Sai, but maybe I'll try again after seeing these!

Just wondering, what brushes did you use to paint the hard shades and blur them? I'm guessing the second if Oil Water/Brush?
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it's all brush
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