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How I paint Lips

So I was searching what to draw and as I want to draw lips, I though, some people have asked me how I paint lips so here it is.

Left lips are natural and Right Lips are with lipstick.
Added a bit of light with a luminosity layer on the last panel of each.

Don't edit, don't repost ect ...
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Very beautiful lips. I like it. Thank you for the tutorial! Custom heart [Sweet Pink] 
Shmuffles's avatar
WOW this tutorial is amazing! Thank you so much for making it!!
Englahimla's avatar
Omg thank you so much for this tutorial *o*
It helped me alot ^^!
lauraypablo's avatar
thank you so much for all your beautiful tutorials!!!:huggle:
F4nt4st1cB4by's avatar
looks so hard ;=; ty for share ^^ 
jhjjhg1's avatar
This was super helpful, I've always struggled with drawing lips and this has really helped a bunch!
pepelepewhtf's avatar
This helped me a lot ^-^ Thank you
KinimiHucashi's avatar
Love how the simple highlights add so much to the lips :D
DiscoTechna's avatar
Ya' got some nice sexy lips there~ I should try to draw this over a picture of a guy.... XD
Men's lips are ugly, I'll make them nice and sexeh >:3
ReemAsakura's avatar
thats the best idea lol dem sexay lips 
LostbunniesofWendy's avatar
Looks like they want you to kiss them <3 Wonderful job!
VanPichu's avatar
thank you for this drawing tutorial that i really need *^* 
IsaacTheWisecrack's avatar
I've been trying to practice drawing lips like this and I must say this was very helpful! Thanks a lot Clap 
RaelV's avatar
The shading is so soft ^^
SJArt117's avatar
 Nice! So simple yet really effective! I really love the use of colours and last pair of lips. X3
(In the corner of my eye I thought of Finn the human at first O.o)
HylianPuzzler's avatar
Thanks so much! This really helps!
edeneph's avatar
Is there an app or something that you use to draw this stuff? Can someone tell me the name of it?
rika-dono's avatar
paint tool sai
edeneph's avatar
Oh okay thanks. It's $20 so probably not though.
GBMelendez23k's avatar
I love how you did this tutorial. 
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