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How I do - Skirts

Hope it'll help u.
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oh wow this really helps a lot 
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Do you by any chance know what goes well with the skirt on the middle of the second row? Need a little help with clothes :3
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Thanks for skirts
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It's terrific! Can you do long skirts or gowns?
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Thank you! , this is really helpful!! :D (Big Grin) 
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This is so helpful ;;w;;
But I have a question.
If the person was sitting with their legs bent, in a kinda upside down V type pose, how would the skirt react?
I probably worded that wrong but I'm struggling ;;w;;
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sorry, I don't understand what pose you're talking about ><
Here a little something :… it's group by different kind of sitting pose, you should easily find the one you're looking for with a skirt :)
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I'm talking about this pose:
but with a shorter skirt?
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It'd be the same with a shorter skirt :)
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Ah okie, I was just confused o3o
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Very helpful, thank you for posting this ⌒.⌒
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Nice work this will come handy
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Thank you! This helped me a lot on the sitting position ' u '
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Wow these skirts are so cool and your sitting position for them helps me a bit
wow this is great! artwork like this is what i wish to see in dA, awesome
instead of some people reuploading others artwork from somewhere else and don't even giving any source link, that is sad
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Really really REALLY hepful, skirt are so hard to draw accurate! Thank you!
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thank you//// 
so helpful
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