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Clothes Base - NO COMMERCIAL USE !!

Update : added the back view

New base !!!!

Rules for using :

_ For personal use only !!!!! DO NOT SELL ADOPTABLES WITH THIS BASE !!!!!
_ You have to credit me and link to the original
_ Put a link of your work on the comments, it's always a pleasure to see what you done ^^
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Hey, if you don't mind me asking, does posting is base as well as your male base on Instagram (While still posting the original links of course!!!) with my own clothes and other features (Like elf ears, horns, etc...) count as commercial? I have no intention to do this for money I can assure you! But I am not the best person artist (I can only draw clothes and background well). I am hoping to start a Customization/Sewing Youtube channel. But I was hoping to use Instagram as a place to hold votes for concept art in which I would very much like to use your bases to model my Ideas.

If it does count as commercial I apologize for wasting your time and will not use the bases like that.


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Kumori Demon

I'm just going to be posted a bunch. all will be linked back to the base if you want to just go check out. will be more than one person at a later point

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Kumori Normal

posted, one of like 18 different outfits used with

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Used the base to draw my persona!~

My Persona Full Body
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Screenshot 2021-03-21 at 20.33.55

Here is my Young Justice Oc character - not that clean but...

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Used for my characters skin reference

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hey i used on paper not on the computer

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Hello. I used this a little while ago, without knowing who had made it. I have taken action to credit you in all of the posts made using this base. I want to deeply apologize. I can take it down too, if you want me to.

Bunnarium Clothes
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Hi, I was wondering if I could use this to create references for my characters ^^

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Kinda referenced this to make a sprite for my friend lol

Untitled625 20200515110415
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I used this! I'd love it if you could check it out!…
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I don't use DA anymore, but I used your base for my instagram account :)

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Hi I made this drawing using this base recently!…
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Beware this page on FB "Guerreros del Universo" is using drawings and bases  -including this one- from everyone and not giving any credits.
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OC clothes meme: Saphir by impact358
Used here without your permission.
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