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Alys - sadly unaccepted design

By rika-dono
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A 5min drawing while Windows movie maker was editing my last painting records.

Alys is the new french speaking vocaloid.

Original design : VOCALOID - ALYS by Cowslip I liked this design more than the one they choosed ( I think it looks too much like the recent chinese vocaloids ) so I drew her :)
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It look really pretty
Honeypie675's avatar
I thought the same exact thing! This design should have been the winner
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now that searched up what Alys looked like, I totally agree with you! the design by Cowslip really looks cute and French. the bluer design is nice, but it really does scream "Asian" more than anything.
Kagami-Rio's avatar
love this dress with my musical heart
ManteBMusic's avatar
This one has more feelings in it
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AWWWN~ i love it so much, that's soooo pretty~ ^w^
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Nice, I like the trailing music lines and notes!
DivinitasX's avatar
Same here I loved Cowslips because it relates to France well and you could transform it nicely for different songs.
The one they chose looks just like all the others.  (Not to be mean, I just don't like it much.)
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personally if I'm asked to draw ALYS or have to draw ALYS, I'll draw this one :)
RinSarahMoin29's avatar
So adorably amazing! :la:
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This is 5 mins? Wow :O
GrayOblivion's avatar
Wow, that's really good for a doodle :D
I agree, I like this design better than the one that was chosen. I think it looks more original and might have fit the voice actress's voice better.
rika-dono's avatar
true, there aren't many like this one at least, she's really recognizable.
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oh she's pretty tho :0
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