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Adopt Auction - Red Bow

Starting bid: 20 

Min increment
: 5 

AB: 85 

Owner : xjeaart


-  Reply to " BID HERE " comment if you are interested.
- Only serious bids please.
- Auction will end 48hours after hightest bid ( unless Autobuy )
- I will contact the winner after the auction ends to request your paypal email for the payment invoice. Please send the payment within 48hours after the invoice was sent.
If I do not get the payment or the winner does not answer, the auction will be re-opened.
- Payment will be by Paypal and in euros.

- The winner gets the above drawing in full resolution.
- You are allowed to change anything you wish to the design.
- Please be aware you buy for the use of the design and not it's property. The intellectual property remains with me, if you wish to sell your use of the design if you do not want it anymore, please contact me so I can update the ownership.
- Not to be used for commercial purpose.

- Not to be used by anyone but the owner and me, without permission.

Thank you for your time :) (Smile)
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© 2021 rika-dono
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beautiful design

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wonderful work!! :33

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BID HERE please :)

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Last valid bid.

45euros by @xjeaart :)

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50 USD [Commercial Use]

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AB: 85 € [Commercial Use]

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Hello, sorry but my price are listed for personnal purpose only. And not to be used for commercial purpose. You will understand the prices between the personnal and commercial use are not in the same ranges.

Hence I cannot accept your bid if is commercial use. If as you said it is to used ONLY as inspiration, I expect the final product to look drastically different from my design. But do know the design right to use will be sold to you only as an individual and not to be redistributed.

It makes me unconfortable to sell the right to use under the present conditions, I'm sorry and hope you understands my worries.

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Artist says they won't do commercial use, but congratulations ^^

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