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2015 - Skirts References

Update : You're welcome and thanks to everyone. I'm glad you find it helpful 0v0

My most recent Skirts refs is from 2years ago, which is ... pretty old.

I narrowed it to 4 skirts that I think cover pretty much everything about how I draw skirts. In most case you just follow the Simple circle skirt lines and you can appilcate it to different kinds of skirts.

Wind direction legend ( starting from left ) : Plain-Side, Down-Side, Up-Side, from Down, Front-Wind and Back-Wind.
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Nice job !! I like this
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This was very helpful. Thank you ^-^
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This is absolutely perfect.Thank you so much!
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You do not understand how much this helps! WIND AND SKIRTS ARE SO HARD!
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And this is why i don't wear skirts
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Very helpful for reference. Thanks!
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ahhhhh! this is so useful! thank you for making this!
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Thanks for the tutorial
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Thanks this is very helpful!
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super helpfull. and thanks  nice works.
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Definitely useful.
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Very nice reference.
The different kinds of skirts are great too. 
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Wow, this is amazing! Thank you >.<
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AMAZING tutorial here, thank you!!!
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Very useful indeed
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Thank you. This seem like it'll help me lots
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Thanks for the referrence. I can really see/feel the movement/flow.
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amazing! this is going to be really useful to bring more life into the skirts of my girls! *--*
thank you for sharing it!
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Thank you so much, skirts are HELL 
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