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Crunch Bandicoot Stamp

By Rik-B
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I have permission from =Lurking-Leanne to post this to the club.

For people who like OB Crunch Bandicoot or just the normal one
I submit this exclusively to the club

Stamp base is made by artist unknown ( seriously i do not know)

Crunch Bandicoot is created by Travellers Tales and currently owned by Radical Entertainment, which falls under Activision

The style and art are made by =Lurking-Leanne
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© 2011 - 2021 Rik-B
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I remember this game
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Leanne happens t be the whole reason I started drawing so I must say, it's nice to see she still supports us old fans XD
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:ShortyCream97: LOL hecho para ti xD xD
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Thanks a lot for posting it :) so I don't have to have it in my gallery anymore and attract the wrong attention... I still like Crunchie of course, so I'd like to continue using the stamp :XD: if fans wanted to see my OB art they can still see all of it on my website... got hundreds on my site XD

So again, thanks for posting it up!
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Yes, no problem.. I have a Crash Bandicoot group on here, So it makes much more sense. But i always credit the ones who need to be credited.
I know, "I had to go in disguise, so we don't attract the wrong kind of attention". that quote suddenly popped in my head when i readed (or how you say it) that part..

again, it is no problem.
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