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Adventures of Dimmu and Floki

Tue Apr 17, 2018, 4:15 AM
You can follow here the future adventures of two of the cutest puppies ever!

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Questions and Answers - part 1

Sat Apr 22, 2017, 3:11 PM
People have started to ask things about my dogs, so here are some answers. Feel free to ask more if there is anything that interests you. Here are all the recent questions, some of them modified shorter.

Q: Your dogs look healthy, what do they eat?

A: They eat 50/50 diet, which means that half of their food is high quality kibble and half raw meat and vegetables. Kibble brands vary, but mostly I have fed them Royal Canin Sporting Life 4800, Royal Canin Marathon 5000, Belcando Power and Hill's Show Champion Samon & Herring... Now I am going to switch into sleddogs special power food called Arktis.

Q: How old is Sirppi?

A: He has born in 2008, he is 9 years old now.

Q: Do you breed dogs?

A: Yes. I have project of my own and it is slowly developing.

Q: How many litters Sirppi has?

A: Sadly just one. I wish his line to continue from his sons, tho.

Q: What camera do you use?

A: I haven't really looked so carefully. It is digital Canon, I think. It really does not matter so much what brand or model your camera is, if you have the skill, you can take photos on any camera. Same includes in drawing: you do not need best equipment to draw good pictures if you know how to draw.

Q: How long have you been photographing?

A: I took my first photos on my dads film SLR Canon camera when I was under 10. I got excited about photography and went to courses. I used my dads camera, developed pictures from films in dark rooms with red lights etc. It was fun times. When digital SLR cameras came, I just continued my photography, but was happy that I did not need to consider my every shot so carefully. I can photograph great action shots of my doges now. :D

Back in action

Thu Apr 20, 2017, 3:35 PM
Hello everybody! I am not sure have any of you missed my photos but you know what?

They are coming back!

Yes. I will start posting soon. They are once again free to use both commercially and non.commercially. I like to watch what you create of them, so it would be awesome if you linked your creations to my gallery or comments section! Thank you!

What happened to my gallery when I disappeared? I just were doing my art on my art account, Riipia

So from here you can follow adventures of Sirppi the white husky, Senpai the black bordercollie-kelpie, borzoi Valenka and their friends. ^^