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Riik the Hero by Riik-ART, visual art

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I draw primarily for the sake of illustrating my roleplaying characters. Most of whom are cute and smol. (I occasionally also draw fan art).

:heart: D&D.

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#transrights #nonbinary #agender #asexual

I play piano and ocarina. I DM for my D&D group. I ride a motorcycle. I play video games. And that's pretty much all there is to know about me.

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After Ch4, A Centaur at University will be up to date to when I last played AI Dungeon. Should I...?

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Continue it!
Start a new AI Dungeon story!
I don't care, I'd read it anyway!
I don't care, I haven't read it!
I don't care, I haven't read it and never will!
Stop. AI Dungeon novelisations aren't any good.
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LGB Alliance is a hate group, pure and simple. Heck, why do they even include the 'B'? I've seen so many people claiming to support them who are guilty of blatant bisexual erasure. It's just a regressive anti-trans pressure group and doesn't deserve charity status. And the fact that they're also so strongly against the '+' in LGBTQ+, also means they don't consider asexuals part of the queer community either.
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Forewarning for a political rant that I had to get off my chest. I tried to keep it neutral (as far as sensible political positions are concerned), but there might be one or two biased points made. If you're fiercely defensive of mainstream news and
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Hey, thanks a lot for stopping by!:wave;

Thanks for the fave!
Thanks for all them faves.
It has been some time.

I'm actually just rearranging my favourites (getting rid of the nudist comics folder and merging with the nudism folder)... I guess DA Eclipse notifies when stuff is added to a new fav folder. It's taking AGES to do though because I want to mix it in there evenly, and Eclipse's folder management system is AWFUL and incredibly laggy to use once you get 100 or so deviations loaded in the management widget.

Oh, well it was nice to see your name again anyway.
I got new comics rn, dunno if youve seen them.

Yeah, I've seen em :). Only reason I haven't faved em is because I'm consciously holding back on faving nudist stuff until non-nudist favs have caught up... I sorta wanna balance my faves out to match the fact that I don't draw as much nudist stuff these days (unless you count genital-less characters or characters with strategically placed fur).

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