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Still around sometimes, but mostly to throw some new favorites around.
Here's an autmatic summary of my NaNo so far, courtesy of Word:

Grul frowned. "Grul."
Gil added. Grul snapped.
Gil grimaced.
Gil snapped.
Gil quipped.
Hasu? Grul shrugged. Hasu. Grul shrugged.
Grul shrugged.
Grul? Grul frowned. Grul followed Gil. Gil mumbled. Gil grimaced. Gil frowned.

If I used all my fabrics I could totally get rid of the stupid standalone closet thing I've been keeping them in. It takes too much space.

But then where would I throw all the game boxes my brother used to own but didn't want to take along to his living-abroad-thing. I could throw them away I guess. :|
I really want to shower everyone with pics of all the cool clothes I want to make -


I haven't done anything. Because I don't want to waste the lovely fabrics. Because nothing I make would fit me anyway. Because I'm so weirdass shaped. >_<

Also I don't really have a good workspace. :(
*Started a Homestuck fanfic.*

*Is seriously considering posting it online.*

*Is really not sure at all if she should be disappointed in self*

I mean I did manage to keep my other fanfics to myself. Although it was mostly because no fandom deserved to have to see public MarOC-explicit-wanking. It really was the least I could do.
This one can pretty much focus only on the canon characters and still possibly make a passable story. So that's sort of okay.

Although the chapters that concern the MaOC I am of course still planning to write. I'll just not post them. They're for my own enjoyment anyway.
I am abroad. It is fun. :)

edit: have returned, am listening to the soundtrack of the HtTYD movie on Spotify. It is good to be home.
I have flipped my sleeping rhythm - yet again!

Also, we'd bought an actual scanner some time ago. Figured I might as well use it to alleviate some boredom. Scanned a bunch of pictures I'd always meant to get uploaded. And then uploaded them.

They're all old though. Some more than others.

Now I am bored again. :

I may end up actually drawing something new. Or writing something. I have this... this want for more Homestuck stuff, but there's none available.

I mean I've already faved pretty much all the best Eridan pictures...

It really is only because I'm an aquarius. Totally.

Also I need more pages of it. Because I've read all of them.

Exciting things await. :D

We bought a camera, finally. Nothing overly fancy, but it wasn't totally cheapo either. It lacks a panorama feature, which is kinda too bad, but you can't have all. It's otherwise fairly well equipped.

Paid half of it, as per my promise. Considering I'll be going on a vacation outside my own country I'll be wanting to take photos to remember things (probably literally in my case). I haven't really been out of this country for like ten years, so it's pretty big. Also, first time on a plane. :omg:
Fortunately I won't be alone on that trip.

This also gives me a good chance to get artistic with photos. I doubt I'll be flooding this gallery with photos anytime soon (or ever), but some sort of action might definitely happen.

See how I won't make any promises? :shrug: I know better these days.
Writing some fanfiction again. I seem to have lost all interest in my original stories. I'm actually regressing, but I suppose one shouldn't complain. At least I'm writing something. Not so hot on its quality either, but at least I'm writing... Although since it is fanfiction it means it will never see the light outside my computer. So again, that means I've got nothing to upload here.

Guuh! Maybe one day I'll buy a camera so I can put up photos in here, or.. a scanner, so I can upload some drawings. I do do those occasionally, but I'm still not particularly good. I'd have a reason to get better then, though. Hm, hm. Choices.

Honestly though. I'm only updating this journal to procrastinate from my writing.
And after finishing that sentence old habits kicked in and tried to make me save this by clicking ctrl-s. Perhaps I don't need to save this firefox page on my computer. Silly leftie.
I'd like to get into art, but.

I'm too lazy. So, let's see what happens next year, okay?

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 8:45 PM
*is totally not doing NaNo this year*

I wrote little over 200 words on the first day and then left it at that. And I'm not troubled one bit. :

I haven't updated anything in ages. It's not that I haven't *done* anything, I just haven't had any files to share. What I lack is a good scanner, space and most importantly time.

Also, most of my artsy works are at school, where the teacher is keeping them away from us. Why? I'm not sure. I think she means to lay them all in a pile at the end of the schoolyear and tell everyone how much they've improved, but that if they focused on this, and that, a little bit of that they'd get even better. And the examples would the works we've done.

I'd like mine back already - then, perhaps, I could try and get them into a digital form.

As for writing, I have not been doing much. I have 5thE first chapter or whatever thingy it's supposed to be (it's the start, who cares about names or definitions?) still unfinished. And the fan fiction I will not upload. Not that there is so much there either.

Hmh. :
Hah, turns out this is my best beginning yet. I remained mostly unconcerned last month, not finding any real feelings of worry within, but I figured I'd have to feel at least something.

But no, all is fine, it's day two and I have almost 5000 words. ^_^ Yaaay! If this continues, I will have no trouble this year. Although I expect I will have some... :

So far so good!
Oh good God, where did the year go? Is it almost NaNo-time ALREADY?

I'm not ready! Stop the days for just a while! :'(
I am feeling positive about my creative things. Nothing said on personal life, that's always a mess. But creative... Well, I'm rather glad I've managed to put together about 2000 words on the story I mentioned previously. Feel free to browse back. For the time being I've decided to give it the workname of: fifth equinox. It doesn't really have anything to do with equinoxes so far, but what with it being a mesh-up of three or so individual stories( which nevertheless also connect), anything might happen if my mood happens to take fancy.

Before I get into a little bit of explainery about that, allow me to gloat over my new icon/lit tag. ^_^ And this time I didn't even need to nick the original picture from anyone, since it's one of my own old photos! See, I was sitting here, wondering whether to laze about the 'net some more, or go to sleep, when a sudden yearning came over me. For something blue, of all things! And mind you, I'm not a big fan of blue, generally I tend to dislike it. But now, out of nowehere, I was like: "I need some blue!"

Well, out goes the fiery orange (which is lovely, I may go back to it some day), and in comes a little bit of this!

I remember that with fondness as well. :)

But... about the fifth equinox. I mentioned in my previous journal that the idea/s date back about 10 years or so. That's approximately correct, I don't have any dates on these things, just memories. What there is in it, is 'the original', so named because it was the first big story I ever came up with and which has in a way been present in some way in everything else I've ever thought about story-wise. It's important to me, but the story idea itself is impossible to make; it wouldn't work without serious tweakage. Which this already sort of is...

The second that there is in it, is 'the equinox', so named because of what it's based on. And here I already cross practically into fanfiction, although it's nothing like that. You see, several years ago there were this web-based text game that I happened to find and played quite a bit. There were eventually six slightly different versions of it playable. They were called Equinox, with an appropriate suffix roman numeral. Pretty simple gameplay, but enjoyable to me, and one mustn't ignore the fact that they were the very first web games I ever played. I made many characters, around 10, if I remember correctly. I learned a lot of new things about that, too... Well, what with the playing being mostly clicking and clicking, one's mind was free to wander, and with so many characters, one obviously came up with personalities, chats between, adventures...

And yet, those two are connected to be the same story. Because of what evolved out of 'equinox', to become a sort of inbetween 'original'. And now that I understand many things better, not just writing, I've come even closer to the true story behind these, and because it is no longer just some kind of mesh-up, but something that might even work (...!), I have so decided to give its own name. That is, the fifth equinox. It may not seem like much, but to me it makes all the difference.

And opens up all the potential. All of it.

I await the next bit eagerly.
I finished uploading all the pictures I had of the things I made in the workshop this spring. Yay! :)

I made some other stuff too, I think, but of quite everything I did not take a photo. And from browsing my gallery, I realised that I haven't uploaded a photo of all the things I made there the previous year. But that's a nevermind. Basically, just more pillows. The most important stuff is right there for you to see and comment. ;)

Next in works: more of a story to be written. I should really say; 'the story', because of its history with me. Right now though, it's really in... in-progress. Basically, it's about three stories stuffed into one. I'm having trouble trying to decide what to keep from which world and why.

With brief but wonderful inspiration, I made up the beginning of the creation of the world. I did upload it to my blog, at:

But still, it's only like half of what really should be there. All in due time, I guess. Love it that I was finally able to start something with it. (the idea/s date back about ten years or so)
All I need to do is get off my lazy butt.

Maybe today. Or tomorrow - is tomorrow good for you?
I should be getting a large bunch of pictures of my workshopping works in here, some day. They're sort of piled up. I just need to find time first...

I didn't even take a picture of everything. But mostly all, all the fun ones!
My new colour change is totally from AtomicFireball's.

*The change will stay. All is well!