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NaNo 07 Kingdom - Chapter 2

It was late evening. King Leofric lay in his bed, weary with his eyes closed, looking like death was only a moment away. Officials stood near the end of his bed, trying not to stare at the old king. Amongst them were his trusted minister Erhard, who had been doing much of the daily ruling in his stead for the past year, when he had been slowly getting more and more weak. One of the highest ranking generals was there, named Loftva, stood close to Leofric’s eldest son Garrick speaking with him in a low, gravelly voice. Bishop Brimian of the church, counsellour of court Durnt and of course, a little way off from the group of important peopl

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TMC - Part 1 - Chp. 3

Gil and Grul were walking side by side on the beach, getting sand between their toes. Gil was frowning and looking inland, trying to figure out what direction they should start heading for. Grul stared in the opposite direction, watching the waves come closer from the horizon. Then Gil stopped and fiddled with her fingers a bit. Grul stopped a few steps ahead and turned to watch her expectantly. Gil narrowed her eyes. "I think... Yes, I think we should head out from here on, now..." Gil started hopping away from Grul. Grul glanced at the ocean one more time, before following Gil. As they got away from the ocean and the beach, Gil slowed dow

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Log: Day 1 User: Harvey [log out]      This is Captain Harvey Leos speaking. We left Earth two hours ago. Right now me and my colleagues, lieutenants Bakrat, Farris and our engineer, Thompson, are on our voyage to the Little Magellan space station. Our journey will take us through the Large Magellan Cloud and into the Small one. From there we will use the portal on the station to travel to the recently discovered KE219 dimension. Many satellites have been dispatched to the other side, but we will be the first humans there. I speak for myself, and my colleagues, when I say that we are proud to have gained this chance. (brief silence)    


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