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Elsanna - I JUST CAN'T...

I can tell that Anna is so deep deep LOVE!
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They don't call him the 'Little Dipper' for nothing... that even *sounds* like he's saying he's gay...
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You wouldn't think she could bend like that
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Awesome work :) by the way who was the one singing there?
Drock625's avatar
Frankie Valli

Also, I would assume Elsa is but I can't imagine why.
Treverum13's avatar
Yeah, I'd rather it be Elsa :) I don't know why as well :D
Drock625's avatar
It would seem like Elsa's the one saying it but, its kinda weird.
Drock625's avatar
No, Frankie Valli:…

Lol I know Barry Manilow sung it still, but Frankie Valli sung it first. :)
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Sorry 'bout that, im the "original first" type of guy. ;)

You understand right? Sorry if it came off as rude.
Simmeh's avatar
No, it's alright, lol. :XD:

I would've always thought it was originally Barry Manilow if you hadn't informed me. It's good to know. :) 
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I bet you would like Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Their music is really good. They're up there with the beatles, I think.
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Thanks! But, what I really meant was if its Elsa or if its Anna who was singing but... Thanks! I was also curious who really created the song cuz I've been planning to download the original song :D
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You're welcome! :aww: 

It could probably be both of them thinking/singing those lyrics back and forth, but I'm not sure, either. o.o 
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I freaking died when I saw the last picture... oh gosh......
This is freaking adorable!
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Anna: OW, MY SPINE!!!
monopurrly's avatar
What the fuck?..
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