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By RigidSlut
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Lol, my sister's gonna hate me for this. :XD:

Why do I support piracy? Because we get free treasures and all that jazz! And another reason is because pirate copies preserve the material.

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The bad thing about pirating games is that you can't play online
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WastelandsGhostHobbyist Artist
It's illegal....
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I heard that pirating in its early years was for music before it was considered illegal.
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StarretteSorcererHobbyist General Artist
I wouldn't care.
I don't want computer games anyway.
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BaxterKangarooProfessional Digital Artist
the only problem about pirated games is cant update them. (and trying to might get you in trouble)
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I plan on paying for all my shit, thank you very much good sir. fare they well, matey.
I hate viruses.
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You scum, cancer of PC gaming.
Digital copies preserve the material.
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So dont even call yourself gamer. You should support developers that creating those games and if you aditional like it. GEEZ
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TotallyDeviantLisaHobbyist General Artist
*cue Super Mario star music*
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ToriKrossHobbyist Artist
It's not like every Hollywood star/ musical artist have never downloaded a song or movie.
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AutumMossStudent Writer
Well enjoy prison dear!
RekaTheAmazingTaco's avatar
Only if you use the Pirate Bay. That place is so fucking easy to get caught from it isn't even funny.
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ToriKrossHobbyist Artist
It's so hard to get caught tho.
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TheAwesomeHotDogHobbyist General Artist
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PIRATE!!! I iz pirate.
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Drunkenwhaler0313Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol most of my cousins games are pirated xD
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:iconygoparadoxplz: I agree with you on this pwotagonist. Ha haha! Ha haha haha! Ha haha! Ha haha haha!
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MissMarifire Digital Artist's true. I actually have used Pirate Bay to get a couple of games and YouTube to MP3 for all of the music of my Itunes library :iconhurrhurrplz:
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I support not making peoples eyes bleed!
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DerpylovesyouHobbyist Artisan Crafter
wwweeelll..... i will admit i have copied a couple disk but just for me to enjoy never to sell:D
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rashdino98Hobbyist General Artist
All of the add-ons on my Spore game are pirated :iconhurrhurrplz:
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