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a major male Proto-Slavic deity of vegetation, fertility and spring, also associated with war and harvest.
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I'm speechless. This is officially the best illustration I've seen in two months :)
I love the way the branches wrap around him. It makes the composition look very organic, like an art nouveau poster.
LyhliTheLuminescent's avatar
Beautiful work! I love the colors and style! It reminds me of a stained glass window. =)
Righon's avatar
i very glad that you liked it! = )
AnotherStranger-Me's avatar
I love the style! Great work!
Righon's avatar
Thank you very much!
Varyuchishe's avatar
Это самые крутые иллюстрации по славянской мифологии, которые я видела.
forest-of-fire's avatar
great! I actually imagine Jarilo with lighter hair, but still:great artwork!
Righon's avatar
i glad that you liked it! = ))
PadraicBenedictus's avatar
Great style! I love your devotion to details and vivid coloring. This reminds me a bit of works by Jim Fitzpatrick.
Elladan123's avatar
You're amazing! I really admire slavic gods and this is awesome! Congratulations~
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Great work! I love it!
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This is amazing. He's so pretty, and I love all the symbolism you have fit into the picture. Very well done.
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Thank you very much! = ))
Eosthewitch's avatar
You're quite welcome.
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Great Yarilo! Yeah, he looks Slavic ;)
Righon's avatar
Thank you!
Well. I wanted to make it such.= )
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Appolo's cousin XD
Well, anyway. Beautiful
Righon's avatar
Thank you! = )
Leptospyrra's avatar
Exactly! I saw him just like that in my astral projections!
Righon's avatar
i glad that you like it = ))
Leptospyrra's avatar
I the most certainly do!
Its interesting that in alot of ancient slavic texts he is described as walking until his feet were sore, as he had to travel from the underworld to the mortal realm to bring spring back. But he is also always described as having a horse or riding one. So while this may at first seem absurd, if you think about it you could interpret that he was a Centaur. which is just soo cool
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thanks a lot! = )
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