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Loki - God of Fire! Trickster and giant of mischief

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I don't care what the myths say, Loki's WAY hotter than Freyr and Baldr.
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
I love how he's posed. "I'm FAB-ulous!
Tapejara's avatar
How often does Loki make use of fire anyway?
Thorberg22's avatar
Loki actually had a black hair and a goatee in the myths ;) but nicely done.
DoctorChevlong's avatar

Oh, where does that info show up ?

AzureGryphon's avatar
It really depends on the myth and translator. 
... Is it bad that this depiction of Loki reminds me of Buffalo-Bill from Silence Of The Lambs?
dede1213's avatar
I see that I'm not the only one... 
Hufupukar's avatar
Every ''mythological-Loki'' artwork make him ginger... I know that Thor was ginger, but I haven't  ever heard about ginger-Loki.
Do you know the answer, is dat true?

BTW I love your interpretation, he looks totally like trickster-god here. :)
CoreGoon's avatar
It's probably due to two things. One is Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle. In it Loki is as a demigod of fire, so he's often portrayed with flaming red hair. Secondly, and probably related to why Wagner cast him as a god of fire, is the fact that Loki is often confused with Logi, a fire giant who is the very personification of fire.

Of course it's a bit understandable that people mix them up when Loki, Logi and Utgard-Loki (three different people) show up in the same story. ;)

Loki really has nothing to do with fire.
So you went for a rather flamboyant and suffisant look/interpretation here, hm? He's like, "I'm not just gonna crash your party and insult you, I also don't care what you think of my outfit, wether you like it or not!"

Righon's avatar
I thought that so to he  it will be good. = )
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Yay Loki, the best norse god, although they are all pretty great. ^_^
Iglybo's avatar
Love the style. :)
I love your style.
Righon's avatar
Thank you! = )
morrigann11's avatar
Хех, в моем фаноне он тоже рыжий и безбородый!
Righon's avatar
Борода в целом опциональна, но так мне как-то ближе.))
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