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Freyr "bestows peace and pleasure on mortals"

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Freyr was also the god of fertility (in land), as his sister is goddess of human fertility
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I see no reason to give all the details in the descriptions, when it is missing one succinct formulation.
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We don't see that much art of him, even thought he was rather important back in the day...

I lovelovelove the ornaments.
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i glad that you liked it = )
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I've seldom found a depiction of Freyr I've liked. I absolutely LOVE this! You've captured His noble personality well, in my opinion.
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Thank you very much!
i very glad that you liked it! = ))
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Great picture of Freyr!! I really like that how, as a Vanir, he looks a little more decadent than the Aesir you've done. I also love the inclusion of the little ship!
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I very glad that you liked it! = ))
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Amazing picture, I wish I knew more about the gods of the Norse Mythology. I too love how he is protecting the Viking sailors, and the ship in his hand. I Also love the clothing and the mustache.
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Thank you= )
i glad that you liked it.)
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Now where did you get that quote? :3 Because from what I've heard, Freyr is the chastest fertility god out there! Only two wives, no children, no official record of playing the ladies... What have you read that I haven't? :D

Love this picture, it's so... intense? That's what I'm going to go with until a better word presents itself. The look on his face is fittingly epic for an old god, and I love the attention to detail. He even looks good with the mustache, and I usually hate facial hair, so well done! Now he must twirl his mustache.... :3
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Quote from the book Adam of Bremen. (eleventh century German historian) Gesta Hammaburgensis 26, Tschan's translation.

glad that you liked it.)
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Ah, thank you! :D I shall go and look that up.
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no problem = )
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У вас такие красивые рисунки на славянские и норвежские мифы....)
попробуйте проиллюстрировать ещё какую-то мифологю

хотя это звучит наверно очень навязчиво X_X
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Славянская и нордическая мне наиболее близкие.) Еще в галерее есть немного по греческой.

Если накатит, то возможно будет что-то еще.
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Love the pose and the outfit. Brilliant!
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thanks a lot!
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I love how hes holding up the ship, it makes him seem very much like the deity his very nicely done
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Thank you very much!
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А мне вот узоры по углам нравятся, красиво, просто и со вкусом!
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Спасибо! Мотивы узоров подсмотрены с разных орнаментов того времени.)
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