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Findekano, Maitimo, Findarato

By Righon
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Fingon, Maedros, Finrod in Aman. (Silmarillion)
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Забавно. Я очень давно не заглядывала в этот рисунок, и даже наклон головы Нэльо мне казался другим, но самое главное - они же тут все ЮНЫЕ! Почему я думала, что это уже в Белерианде? *сокрушенно качает головой* даже по именам понятно было бы и ежу
В общем, я хочу сказать - забавно, дважды открываю для себя один и тот же арт)
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Эм, так оно и в подписи "Ин Аман"..)
разве что у Нэльо правой лапы не видно.
Да, неожиданное ощущение.)
Gwailome's avatar
Да вот я как-то проглядела )
Вот именно! Сразу мысли сбиваются не туда)
Угу, очень неожиданное)
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Wonderful clothes! I stared this like ages!
Righon's avatar
Thank you! )
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Wow! This is amazing! I love the way you did the clothes and the shadows...and the hair...and everything...
What language are the the names in the title?
Righon's avatar
I glad that you liked it.))
This is their qenya names.
Starlace's avatar
Oh yeah...I forgot that the names in the Silmarillion are in Sindarin rather than Qenya. Thanks :)
Righon's avatar
no problem. = ))
primulatook's avatar
amazing and lovely work...
Righon's avatar
TRhank you very much.))
ecorecycletree's avatar
Haven't read the book yet, but this is really amazing. :D
Righon's avatar
Thanks a lot!
Zireael07's avatar
Oh my, I love their clothing and their hair and their expressions!
Righon's avatar
I am very glad that you liked it = ))
sweet-osmanthus's avatar
my eyes ask me to tell you that they're real~~~ly satisfied, thank you! :hug:
Righon's avatar
I'm very glad to hear about it. Thank you = ))
Righon's avatar
Thank you.))
Sirielle's avatar
Great trio, I love the faces you gave them, your idea for faces of Quendi.
Righon's avatar
I relied on the faces of ancient statues, but with character, emotion ...
GovannonsArt's avatar
Beautiful sketch!
The way the farbic is pleading reminds me of hellenistic art.
Righon's avatar
Thanks you.))
iluvobiwan91's avatar
^_^ You make me happy by having done this.
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