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Rules & Introductions.

Hello there, welcome to RIG-level5.
This is an group for those who wish to find friends to either discuss or chat with regarding anything original character or dead space related! It's was also created for those who wants to make new friend both for their original characters and possibly themselves! This group is a friendly one, and we do not look kindly on rudeness and bullying. So please keep the rules in mind, for everyone's happiness. ♥ Anyone and everyone is welcome to join! U v U

- Be polite! Respect this group and all fellow members.
- Please, do not steal other peoples artwork. Seek their permission first if you would like to use it.
- If you would like your characters to interact with another member's characters (eg. romance, conflict etc.), please contact them before you decide anything and compromise if they agree.
- No godmodding. Keep it real, people.
- Mary sues are allowed, to a certain point, please be sure to give your oc flaws because no one is without flaws.
- No anthros or furry. Because those do not exist in dead space.

THESE ARE GUIDELINES, but please follow or keep these in mind.
- Role playing is not the main purpose of this group. No one has to role play. It's just an option for those who want too.
- If you wish for a member of this group to draw your oc, please ask kindly and if they say no, respect that.
- Violence, nudity/sexual content and language are allowed so long as DA's policies are obeyed.
- Please post each of your art work in the right folder, don't make us "clean" after you.
- Keep it lore friendly, because making an dead space oc that can shoot fire from his eyes or time travel is NOT lore friendly.

Those were the rules & guidelines. If you break any of these, you will get three possible strikes/reminders, and if you keep breaking the rules after the third reminder you will be banned for either a short period of time, or forever. It depends what or which rule kept breaking. If you have any questions regarding anything, don't be afraid to send a pm to either pumpkin-juice or Distant-Rain


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