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These are awesome.. 
I just found this page.  This is my favorite RPG of all time.  Awesome work you guys.  I don't have a lick of artistic ability in my bones but after seeing this stuff I wish I did.  You guys are all amazing.  
Thanks for the interest! Rifts is still going strong with 4 core books, 35 world books, 16 dimension books, 19 sourcebooks, 3 conversion books, 7 adventure books and dozens of Rifters with official material. This week Palladium Books® is having an Open House at their facility in Westland Michigan, where hundreds of gamers will gather to play Rifts and all the Palladium Books RPGs from Thursday night through Sunday!
Tx for accepting my Traxx picture - I thought it would be a cool Rift type monster or supernatural evil critter for the game n__n
Since I have been doing a series of "Every Day Pictures of Normal Coalition Soldiers" outside of uniform, and we are having a healthy discussion about it. I decided to give you some Coalition Propaganda, in a form of a Picture.  I'm still working out some details about it, but its a person that everyone in Pre-Rifts  knew about and recently, Emperor Proseck found a book about HIM. The book he found was called "T'was The Night Before Christmas" and his Propagandist are reading through it. After close scrutiny, They decided to change a few things about him to fit the CS Doctrine. So I am introducing "The Coalition Santa Clause".  Stay tuned for the Character Sheet and Picture.
Rifts CS Kris Kringle has been submitted. Lady Jo-Anna took it over to boost the CS Children's Morals.
Sounds interesting.