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RiftRoamers RPG - AeroRig and Trailer

These grav trucks are a common sight on USC core worlds. This rig is rigidly attached to an ore or grain trailer with four hoppers. When negotiating tight corners these trucks will simply lift off and turn into the other road above the obstacles. If time is more pressing than cost efficiency these trucks go completely airborne with the option of reaching a planetary orbit (where drive performance starts to drop rapidly).

Grav lifters in RiftRoamers have a Ground Effect causing a significant reduction of energy consumption when operating close to the ground. Usually these vehicles cruise highways at a very low altitude (less than 2m) which saves up to 80% of power. On roads with energy induction loops onboard power drain is even lower. So to profit from public induced energy supply flying a grav vehicle as part of the ground traffic is necessary (fees are included in vehicle taxes).

Grav vehicles are commonly known as Aeros. An Aero can be as small as a modern day european Smart car or as huge as these AeroTrucks.

There are also similar sized wheeled ground vehicles that have a much higher load to power ratio.

Update: better cab mesh, scaled ladders, different cab color.
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Is this concept art for a video game?