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Impressing picture!
But one question: Is the circle around the explosion centre supposed to be a blast wave? If yes this seems slightly weird , as far as i know,
the ground is affected exactly next to the centre. But i dont want to foreground that it's maybe not 100% realistic because it is really great art! :)
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I've always loved explosions and shock waves
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Thats so kewl! :D
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-major jealousy-

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Oh my, this looks amazing (:!
May i use this for a graphic I'm working on?
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Do smoke entrails really travel faster than the shock-wave?
All well. Great explosion.
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OMG. That is AMAZING! I wish I could do this! I'll practice real hard, thanks for the insperation!
Wow! Such a great picture captures the energy of an explosion really well got any tips ^^
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Just looking for inspiration on explosions.
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Wow, thats great.
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Sometimes i just wish i could draw.
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Nice line work, Great detail
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